Bangkok, aka (in Thai) The ‘City of Angels’, is an immense Asian city that will blow you away! There is something for everyone in this fantastic city; from trying the local delicacies, shopping in ginormous shopping centres, embracing the night life, walking the markets or exploring the beautiful temples Bangkok has to offer.


When in Bangkok, markets are on every single street, be it delicious street food, cheap fabrics or a brand new pair of ‘S-Nikes’, there is a whole universe of market stalls to get your head around. Our personal favourites are the world famous floating market which is nowadays a very popular tourist attraction, also the still very ‘local’ Chatuchak weekend market which sheer size will leave you in awe.

Chao Phraya River

Translating to ‘The River of Kings’, the Chao Phraya river has been the life line of Bangkok for decades. Cruising down the river you can take in sights from the shimmering temples to the local neighbourhoods and stilt houses, you can get a real taste of Bangkok this way, which is exactly why we take you on a river cruise on all of our Thai tours.

Wat Pho and Wat Arun

Bangkok also boasts incredible history and heritage, and there are many sacred temples – namely Wat Pho and Wat Arun, we visit both these dazzling sites on all our Thailand tours. From the dizzy heights of Wat Arun to the 46 metre long reclining Buddha statue that you literally can’t miss – i’s huge! The temple was initially a centre of education for traditional Thai medicine and later became the leading massage academy in Thailand.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road, which is located in the Banglamphu district, is the busiest backpacker road in Bangkok, Thailand and possibly the world. You will see nationalities from all over the world eating Pad Thai and haggling store owners for knock-off ‘designer’ clothing and sunglasses. Khao San is known globally and is always a good place to start and finish your trip, and no doubt you’ll run into countless people you’ve met on the road.

Phra Nakhon

Phra Nakhon is one of the 50 districts in Bangkok and is the central district of Bangkok. The area is filled with backpackers from all over the world, budget hostels, dorms and excellent Thai food – it’s a melting pot of fun! In contrast, the district is also filled with temples and an abundance of culture, the whole area is worth taking an afternoon stroll to soak it all in.

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