The TruFam is more than just a group of colleagues, everyone who works with us has been carefully selected because of their awesomeness and the fact that they care as much as the rest of us.



We do truly run the company as a family working, living and partying together in our home island/city of Koh Phangan and London. We believe that if we really believe in what we are doing and have fun whilst we are doing it then it will mean that our groups will definitely have fun when travelling with us.


But it’s not just TruTravels Staff that we call members of the TruFam, it applies to our partners, suppliers, agents, and especially our TruTravellers who can all become part of it and indeed thousands of them have. We now have many agents partners and supppliers who are not just friends but extended family and I couldn’t even name all of the ex group members who are now fully fledged TruFam members and life long friends of ours. There are many benefits of being part of the TruFam as we will always look after each and every one of you whenever you are in one of our parts of the world. But it goes further than that, it is about creating a network of fun, like minded, people who have shared some of the best experiences together, every one of us now have loads of friends across the world who we can drop in on or meet up with when travelling or ask for advice or info if visiting the place where they live.

Past Travellers

To all our Travellers, wherever you are…

Everyone who has travelled with us automatically becomes an honorary member of the TruTravels Family. We see you all as brothers and sisters and hope you look at us in the same way. We like to keep you informed on the latest news from TruTravels and give you the opportunity to be the first to try out our new itineraries before anyone else. Your feedback is the most important and without it we could not fulfill our commitment to you by creating the most awesome network of tours around the world! We now have a Facebook Page for all our past travellers which now has over 3600 members which is awesome so you can keep up to date with any deals or tours etc. We also run a mahusive summer party every year where we all reunite and boogie the day/night away, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

For those of you enjoyed your time with us and want to help us out, the best thing you can do for us is leave a review and help spread the word.


We are so grateful for all your support so far. Thank you for all your genuine, heartfelt reviews posted to our Tour Radar page, Facebook and Google! We really appreciate everyone’s input and try to take constructive advice on-board.


Future Travellers

Welcome to the Family!

As a future traveller, your adventure is still to come and you are just about to join a family like no other. We hope you are looking forward to it!

If you have already booked your trip then you should have received a confirmation email and if your trip starts within 30 days you should have received a pre departure pack by email. If you have not yet got this or the link to download it then please contact us via live chat or on to do so. You will also hear from your group leader one week before your trip starts so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

If you are still undecided, then just take a look around our site and social media at all of the images and videos from our tours and have a read of the reviews from past travellers and this should help you decide.

Once you have booked you will be given access to our downloads page (for pre departure pack) and be invited to join a Facebook group a month before so you can get in touch with your future travel buddies before you arrive. We will send the link to these groups in the welcome email which is sent a month before the trip starts.