Bottle Beach Koh Phangan - A Day Trip With the Crew

Arriving at the pier in Thong Sala, we’re greeted by our pick-up truck driver to take away to one of the most secluded spots on Koh Phangan, Bottle Beach. Prepare for paradise!

It’s a good 20 minute ride first of all along the road towards the north of the island known as ‘Chaloklum’, this road is only the first hurdle (which has been in construction now for as long as I can remember – typical Thai Time) this dirt road brings up to another small track leading through the jungle with steep twists and turns passing small huts, chicken farms along with hidden away getaway homes lodged on the side of a jungle hill which always makes ask myself the question…. "How the hell did they build that place?”

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The small dirt track winds on for another 20 minutes whilst the members of my group look at me as if to ask “Does this guy actually know where he’s going?", which I completely understand as it does resemble something out of a day trip into Jurassic Park! Though a proper road is slowly being built along the route as we speak.

Along the way I reassure the group to not worry and the daunting truck ride will all be worth it once they arrive on the beach, most of the time they don’t even need to say ‘You were right’, the fact that instantly upon arriving at Bottle Beach they all drop their bags and walk straight towards the crystal blue ocean with a smile on their face usually speaks for itself….and that’s before they realise they’ll be spending a night in their own private beach huts meters from the water.

After a good few hours travel from our previous location Bottle Beach is always a welcoming sight for any tired backpacker; still known as one of the most beautiful spots on Koh Phangan, it’s probably rocking the finest and whitest sand on the island.

The beach rolls across a perfect few hundred meters with large rocky hills on either side littered with boulders which laid rest there centuries ago, between these points the water glimmers across the horizon with every shade of blue in the Dulux color catalog, to be frank the word paradise doesn’t even come close.


Late afternoon is usually spent catching the last of the afternoon rays with a cocktail in hand and cooling off with the occasional dip in the ocean; then once sunset comes it’s as if you are looking at the end of the world whilst the colors of the sky slowly fade from blue, to orange, to pink, to black reflecting of course off of the ocean at your feet.

The evening is of course always spent in true Koh Phangan style with;

  • A beach fire,
  • Great food,
  • Great company,
  • A fire show, and
  • a usually few too many whiskeys!

Waking up the next morning usually involves a slight hangover, but nothing cures that better than a morning swim, even if you feel too hung over to walk to the water, don’t worry your beach hut is close enough that you could even roll to it!

The morning continues as if time had stopped; whilst the waves roll up the sand and sun keeps shining on beautiful Bottle Beach, you can’t help but smile at the same time as realising there are still places like this left on earth. We spend the whole morning and early afternoon lazing on the beach, playing some more volleyball or swimming in the ocean before catching a 2pm boat round to Chaloklam and a taxi on to our next destination.

For those looking to get a taste of the beach bum life and wake up to the rolling ocean, check out our any of our South Thailand tours, all of them stopping in at the the one and only Bottle Beach. Or if you want to see exactly what we get up to in this amazing location check out the video below!