Lovina - Bali

Lovina is a laidback and relaxed place located in northern Bali and it is a welcome break from the rush of the south.

Lovina offers a wide range of accommodation and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes and therefore attracts a mixed bunch, from couples looking to take some time out to families with young children and then the odd groups of backpacking tribes passing through.

Although the backpackers of yesteryear tend not to stay long, the days here are a little too slow and so are the nights; there are two clubs and several bars in Lovina, so the nightlife is generally low key and easy going. The beaches are clam and sans any tourist attractions, which means instead of surfers and crowds of youngsters you will be more likely to find quiet couples escaping from it all. Diving, snorkelling, and dolphin watching, are the main activities, but above all else, this is an area in which to relax and take in a very slow, traditional pace of life; a book in hand, pondering life and forgetting the stresses of their usually hurried lives.