Goodbye Bra, Hello World!

Ah, the ol’ brassiere, the jugsling, the over-the-shoulder boulder holder, melon bags, the upper deck flopper-stopper, titty cushions, or whatever other crazy names you have for them; Yes, I am talking about our dear friend the bra.

It had been a bumpy road during our 24-year-long relationship with a lot of ups and downs, (literally). There were definitely some good times shared (and not to mention the attention I received while wearing one..*wink*), but most of it was a struggle I was long over dealing with. I decided I was long over the battle and called it quits about a year ago when I started travelling around SE Asia for the first time. I finally ditched that uncomfortable straight jacket once and for all, and I have never felt freer!



There are several reasons why travelling got me to take the plunge, and here they are!

  1. They take up so much space! Bras take up more room in my bag than almost anything else. Even more so these days, when you can’t even find a bra that doesn’t have more padding in it than my mother’s couch. Not having to pack bras in my bag had saved so much room for other things and definitely lightened the load a lot.
  2. I like the way clothes fit better! At a solid 34/ D cup, wearing a bra always made me feel like I looked bigger than I really am. Especially when you get traveling around places like SE Asia and end up wearing loose dresses and tank tops everyday, I like how shirts lie flatter on my chest and I can wear low cut shirts/tanks without having to deal with people talking to my cleavage (or side boob) rather than looking me in the eyes. I find I look slimmer from the side, I don’t have to worry about straps ruining a nice outfit, and I don’t have that ugly strap indent across my back from it cutting into my back flab.
  3. Life is so much more comfortable! No more dealing with loose straps, tight straps, bras riding up or down, or left and right, or however else it feels like fitting that day. I don’t have to worry about hooks poking me in the back, itchy tags, scratchy lace, muffin boobs or broken wires ever again!
  4. Boob sweat!!! In humid tropical climates it just pools there and goes no where. Chaff-age is not something I was into dealing with anymore.
  5. I save money! Bras are ridiculously expensive! I dare you to go out and find me a well-fitting bra for under $15 (I think that’s even a stretch), and I’m supposed to have more than a few of them! Strapless ones, low cut ones, front hooks, back hooks, sexy ones, neutral ones, stick on ones…etc. That’s like a $100 investment just for something to make my boobs look more appealing to you! I think I have great boobs! I don’t need to prove it to everybody!
  6. I feel more confident! I don’t give a flying sh** over the fact that you might be able see my nipple through my shirt depending on the temperature, or lighting. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m not sorry in the least. Nipples are just nipples!! Everybody has them, and I think the world should have reached a point by now that it shouldn’t be such a big deal. I for one think all women should free the nipple and stop falling victim to the stigma that we have to cover them up. Boobies for everybody!!!
  7. The old wives tale that says your boobs will sag if you don’t wear a bra is an absolute joke!! If they are going to sag, they will regardless if there is a piece of fabric and a wire holding them together, or not. Not wearing a bra actually strengthens your chest muscles and can help keep those little beauties perkier, longer!

There you have it! That’s why I said goodbye to the old boob bag once and for all, and frankly, good riddance!! Life is so much freer and easier now without it, and as a backpacker, what else could I want out of life but to be free?!