Keyworker Discount

It's you, our keyworkers, healthcare workers and those working the front line that deserves the biggest thank you! If you've been out there working during lockdown to keep things moving and keep everyone fed, healthy and safe, you're all heroes in our eyes. You more than anyone are gonna need a holiday to look forward to. And that’s why we’re giving you 30% off any future TruTravels tour across Asia, Central and South America!


We've made it as easy as possible for you to book a future trip with confidence, tru flexibility and low commitment.

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Pop your details in the form below, and one of the crew will contact you to start planning your trip of a lifetime!





+44 203 542 2463


If you are a keyworker, pop in your details and the TruCrew will be in touch to help you plan the trip of a lifetime at a cheeky 30% off!



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