Why Cambodia?

Welcome to the wild wild west of Southeast Asia. After establishing our presence in Thailand, we looked east to Thailand’s wilder, untamed neighbor Cambodia. As the 2nd country we ever operated in, Cambodia has a special place in our hearts - visiting this one of a kind country is like jumping in a time machine and visiting Thailand in the 70s before it became the tourist mecca it is today. Once the victim of a cruel regime, this nation is now home to some of southeast Asia’s most welcoming locals, spectacular temples, and wild nights out ( .50p beers and a tarantula to chase with, anyone?).

If you are here for the REAL, uncut southeast Asia, look no further. Come see Angkor Wat for sunrise, get your island fix on the white sand beaches of Koh Rong Samloen and learn about the troubled past with visits to the genocide museum and the killing fields in Phnom Penh. Explore the Tru Cambodia including a visit to the southern fishing town of Kampot for some river cruising, water sport activities, cooking classes and old fashioned tanning. It doesn't get better than this.

Cambodia Facts

Language - Khmer
Currency - Cambodia Riel (KHR) or US Dollar (USD)
Local Beer - Angkor Beer
Local Dish - Khmer Curry

Cambodia Tours

Cambodia Blogs

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