Full Moon Experience

And what an awesome experience it will be. In fact, you’ll have so many awesome experiences on this tour that it should be called the “Awesome Experience Experience, in Thailand, with an Epic Full Moon Party thrown in too” but that would be a bit of a shit name, and too long. This is the third tour we ever created, and it’s a goodun. It’s the same first 8 days as the Thai Experience, and like the Thailand Island Hopper, we made it even better by adding even more amazing days and experiences to it (Hello Full Moon Party). The TruTravels Full Moon Experience Tour allows you to see the best bits of Thailand AND experience the famous Full Moon Party as part of a group of fun-loving, young travellers. We head from Bangkok, through Khao Sok National Park and on to the coolest hotspots on Koh Phangan as we gear up for one of the biggest beach parties in the world. Snorkel the aqua blue waters, kick back at a sunset pool party, and party on into the morning at the infamous Full Moon Party.

Warning: This tour only departs a few times a month and spaces are limited.

We’ve perfected the balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties. A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think of a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives. We stay in a variety of different accommodations such as hotels, hostels, homestays, beach huts & even boats. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

What's Included

Airport Pickup
(up to two days before as long as you are booked into the start hotel)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included Private Vans Overnight Train Ferry to Koh Phangan

9 Nights Accommodation Hotel Floating Bungalows Beachside Bungalows Twin-share Rooms

Bangkok river cruise Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows Full Moon Party!

Bottle Beach Overnight Stay

3 X Breakfasts 2 X Lunches 1 X Dinner

We start the BEST 10 days of our lives in Bangkok!! This hotel is located right next to the famous Khao San Road, so it's right in the centre of all the fun. It's in the perfect location for our night out on day 2 (and day 1 if you're feelin' it!) - you can have a bucket (or five) and then stumble home in just a few minutes! This hotel is also the perfect place to relax after your long journey or to nurse a hangover with a dip in the pool. If you like to get stuck in and explore, tourist sights like The Grand Palace are sooo close.

Viewpoint khao sok national park
A stunning photo of the picturesque floating bungalows in Khao Sok national park
Thailand Adventure - Khao Sok
floating bungalows in khao sok national park

Ok, welcome to paradise! Sleeping in floating bungalows is everyone's DREAM, right!? Imagine waking up surrounded by calm waters that are crystal clear and an idyllic blue... well, that's what you get at the floating resort in Khao Sok National Park! Each of the 30 bungalows has its own veranda, perfect to lie on and watch the jungle night sky. There's also a bar area to get your beer fix and a chill space for the evenings.

Welcome to Bottle Beach and your own little beach hut overlooking the ocean. That's right, this accommodation is pretty special. Not only do you get to stay in a beach hut, but the beach is secluded and we pretty much get it allll to ourselves. So chill in your hammock and take in the sights, grab a cocktail and wait for the beach bonfire to start!

After our night on Bottle Beach, staring up at the stars as we sleep by a beach bonfire, we move onto our second Koh Phangan destination. What you wouldn't expect is that we move from one secluded beach to the next. Our hotel has its own private beach!! Unreal, right? So whether you need to soak up all the good vibes, sip on a cocktail (or 5) and get ready for Full Moon Party or you need to chill and nurse your hangover the day after, you've got either the gorgeous pool, the bar or the secluded beach. Perfecto

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Bucket List
A stunning photo of the picturesque floating bungalows in Khao Sok national park
Floating Bungalows
A colourful and fun photo of people at the full moon party
A group photo in the lake at Khao Sok national park in Thailand
Khao Sok National Park

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Day 1


So you’re here, probably tired but excited, anxious but eager, cautious but curious. Landing here for the first time is a roller coaster of emotions, but we got you covered. One of the TruFam will be at the airport waiting to whisk you away to the backpacker hub and traveller host spot of Khao San Road where you will be checked into our accommodation and can meet the rest of the group and your new travel family. Day 1 is free to rest up, explore the area, get a massage (~£8!!), get a beer (~£1.50!!), get some delicious street food (~£1 a dish!!) or chill by the hotel pool (£0!!) - you get the picture, there’s loads to do, and things are pretty damn cheap. In the evening, we’ll head to one of our favourite restaurants for delicious food, strong drinks, and the start of lifelong friendships. After we all know far too much about each other, we’ll hit Khao San Road and find out why backpackers and travellers of all flavours, shapes and sizes flock here to meet people, party and start their adventures. But beware, the local beer (Chang) and mixers are S-T-R-O-N-G.

Airport Pick Up
A lively photo of a crowd enjoying the nightlife in Bangkok
A group photo at Khao San road in Bangkok Thailand
A group in Bangkok Thailand drinking out of the infamous bucket
Day 2


You came here for the culture, right? Sort of? Well, today you’re gonna get it. After a relaxing morning by the pool (or in bed sleeping off that Changover - we warned you), we’ll grab a Bangkok river taxi (or Longtail boat) and cruise down Bangkok's answer to the river Thames or the Hudson River, the Chao Phraya. The river and back canals are a great way to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at this awe-inspiring city. After taking in the sights of the city, we hit up two impressive and prestigious temples, Wat Arun and Wat Pho, where we will learn a bit about Thai history, culture and religion before grabbing a traditional Tuk Tuk back to the Hotel. In the evening we can either hit up Khao San road again or sample some of Bangkok's other nightlife, or have a chilled one!

1x Breakfast
A group photo outside of Wat Pho in Bangkok Thailand on a sunny day
Group on a colourful long tail boat ride on Chao Phraya River
A group at the temple of Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand
Group standing in between two temples in Bangkok with blue sky and clouds
A girl being blessed by a monk at the temples in Bangkok Thailand
A tuk tuk ride on day 2 in Bangkok Thailand
Day 3


That might sound like the title to a dodgy horror film, but it’s not (as far as we know), and today will most certainly not be the stuff of nightmares. You have a free morning to do as you please. Like the Tru VIP that you are, you’ll be being treated to a nice, relaxing massage, before being escorted with your entourage (the rest of the group) to the train station where we board the comfortable and quirky night train to our next destination. You can use the time on the train to get to know your group better, take in views of the Thai countryside, catch up on your travel journal entries, or just catch up on some sleep. When we arrive in the morning you're in for a treat, so sleep well, and dream of paradise, cos that’s where you’re headed.

Overnight Train
1x Breakfast
Group at train station in Bangkok with all their backpacks and bags and trains in the background
Overnight train photo from the windows at Khao Sok national park Thailand
Day 4


When we say this place is out of this world, we are not messing around. Think Jurassic park scenery without the scary dinosaurs, low hanging clouds float over the mountains and jungle which surround the beautiful, crystal clear lake at the centre of the national park. You will witness some of the most mind-blowing scenery (VERY Instagram worthy) you have ever seen as we cruise through the lake on the way to our floating resort. After checking into your own floating bungalow, spend the rest of the day kayaking, tanning, or just floating about in a giant tube with a beer. In paradise. That’s our kind of day. Where do you eat and drink at a floating resort? At a floating restaurant & bar, of course. Sounds cool right? How about if we told you all the food is delicious, all included, and served buffet style? Ok, we’ll stop.

khao sok national park
floating bungalows, kayaks, & swimming
1x Lunch 1x Dinner
A group photo on a log in the water at Khao Sok national park Thailand
A stunning photo of the picturesque floating bungalows in Khao Sok national park
Group kayaking in Khao Sok Thailand with picturesque scenes
Relaxing in the donuts at the floating bungalows in Khao Sok National Park Thailand
A group shot in donuts on the lake in Khao Sok National Park Thailand
A group of four girls enjoying a boat trip at Khao Sok National Park
Day 5


After an early start, some world-class views from your bungalow door, and a quick breakfast, it’s time to hit the island, and not just any island, our favourite island of them all - Koh Phangan. If this is why you’re here, then you have picked the right people to travel with. Noone, and I mean no-one knows how to have a better time on this island than us. There are many reasons why our first office and many of the TruFam live here, and we’re excited to show some to you. The first one being the beautiful, secluded, magical little Bottle Beach. This is what backpacking in Thailand used to be like about 20 years ago, it still has that lazy, secluded feel that only comes from being cut off from the rest of the island and the world. Yes, Koh Phangan is famous for its parties as well as it’s beauty, but if you come here and just experience the nightlife without seeing places like this, you’re messing up. As always though, we are here to prevent that, so unlike most people who visit here, you’ll get to experience a night at this magical beach in Tru exclusive style. You won’t forget this for a while. Promise.

bottle beach, koh phangan
Beach activities & fire show
1x Breakfast
TRU Exclusives
Bottle Beach Bungalows
A group in front of the crystal clear blue water at bottle beach Koh Phangan
Five girls at bottle beach in Koh Phangan with two of them on the swing
Four girls sitting on a swing at bottle beach Koh Phangan Thailand
A couple at enjoying time at bottle beach Koh Phangan Thailand
Day 6


Other than Khao Sok, this is probably the best place to wake up in the world. You’ll hear the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore and the warmth of the suns rays beaming through your window. Push open the door, and you’ll see the turquoise water meeting a backdrop of white sand and blue sky, as the cool ocean breeze enters the room. How would you prefer to wake up? By running straight into the sea, heading to the bar for a banana shake and bottle of water, hiking up to the viewpoint for insta worthy postcard pics, rolling over and going back to sleep? However you choose to spend your last few hours in paradise on earth is fine with us, it’s your holiday after all. In the afternoon we’ll work off those rum and cokes with an introduction to Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, Thailand’s national sport. Well, we did tell you our tours kick ass. After a shower and a dip in the pool back at our next resort, we’ll explore a bit of the more lively side of the island and maybe even hit up one of the full moon warm-up parties as we get ready for the big night.

koh phangan
The top of the view point at bottle beach in Koh Phangan Thailand over looking incredible views
A selfie at the top of the viewpoint at bottle beach in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group taking a muay Thai lesson in Koh Phangan
Day 7


Today you’re a pirate, or not. Whatever. But we do get to sail around on a big boat, soak up some stunning views, some rays, some massive tunes, and best of all, plenty of good vibes from your fellow travellers and shipmates. AKA your new travel fam. You’ve seen the island from land, now it's time to see it from the sea. Think blue oceans, blue skies, green trees, grey mountains, white beaches and bronzed bodies. When we have had enough of the gorgeous views and good times above the ocean, we can take a dip with some snorkels and take in the out of this world scenery below the boat. After a sunset ride back to the hotel, we’ll freshen up and hit the beach for some dinner and perhaps a little boogie to shake off those seal legs. In the evening, head back to our accommodation for a dip, dinner and drinks.

1 x Lunch
A group photo on a boat trip in Koh Phangan
A group photo on a boat with a few chang beers in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group photo in front of the serene sunset in Koh Phangan
Day 8


Are you ready for the best day of your life? Well, you better get some zzz's in because tonight we're going big, like BIG BIG! Today we're going on an epci Island Road Trip before getting the party started for the best evening of the trip so far! In the evening, we meet in our hostel for the ultimate UV painting session to get us ready for The Full Moon Party. It’s legendary, it’s spectacular, and you couldn’t be with a better crew. TruCrew that is. When we first started the Full Moon Party tour, no other companies did it for the same reason we didn’t at first, namely because it’s such a big party with so many people. Well, we can confidently say we have done more Full Moon Parties between us than probably any other company on earth, so naturally, we know how to do it best. Trust us. We take you to all the best pre-drinking spots before hitting up The Full Moon Party. If you’re hardcore enough to make it to sunrise (It’s the best part) join us at the after-party which starts at 6am. You know the old saying.. No rest for the wicked aye?

*Please note, The Full Moon Party is on a specific date each month so our activities can sometimes shuffle around, but don’t stress, you won’t miss anything!*


A group photo at the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
Enjoying the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group getting ready with paint at the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group shot at the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group enjoying the full moon party on the beach in Koh Phangan Thailand
Day 9


If you were dancing with us until the sun came up, then you’ll probably need today to rest up and get some sleep. Or if you’re really hardcore, then you might still even be partying. Either way, today is yours to do as you please. Enjoy the calm after the storm in the pool, in bed, exploring the island or taking another relaxing Thai massage on us. After the final sunset of our epic adventure in party paradise, we’ll go for one last group dinner as a group. All good things must come to an end, so let’s make sure the last night is one to remember.

Girl relaxing on beach reading a book lounging on the sand in Thailand
Group of friends sitting enjoying a drink at beach bar overlooking the ocean on the beach
Couple relaxing in pool having a drink and laughing together at hotel in Thailand
Day 10


The tour might be over, but the dream lives on!! Unlike other companies who will forget about you at the end of the trip, you’re welcome to hang with us as long as you like. You’re part of the Tru Fam now, and we are at your service fo’ life. We homies now homie, so you’re welcome where we are at any time. If you need to move on somewhere else, then your travel ninja will be happy to help sort everything you need. If you’re travelling for a while and need advice, or just to hear a friendly voice, give us a call or come see us at any time.

A group photo at sunset on the beach in Thailand

Trips Departure Dates



Where does the trip start & Finish?

The trip begins in Bangkok and finishes in Koh Phangan.

Which airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to fly into Suvarnabhumi (BKK) which is the main international airport or alternatively we can also collect you from Don Muang (DMK).

What is the closest airport to the end destination?

The closest airport is Koh Samui which is a 45 minute ferry ride away from Koh Phangan. The ferries run regularly. Alternatively you can travel to Surat Thani which can be cheaper.

How do I get back to the start destination and is this included in the price? If not, how much is it?

No it is not included but we can assist you with booking it all. You will need to get a joint ticket which consists of a ferry from Koh Phangan to the mainland and then a bus to Bangkok. The cost is around £37/USD $47. Please be aware this can be quite a long journey of around 12 hours door to door. Alternatively, you can fly from Koh Samui which is a 45 minute ferry ride away from Koh Phangan however this option is more expensive and would cost in the region of £100/USD $130 but saves time.

What kind of accommodation is included on this trip?

The accommodation for this trip is a mixture of twin share and private dorm rooms.

Doubles can be provided upon request for couples.

How much is a pre night’s accommodation?

A pre night’s accommodation is £35 for a private twin or double room. If you would like to arrange a pre-night please email info@trutravels.com

What is the currency?

The currency in Thailand is Thai Baht (THB)

Are there any COVID precautions in place for my trip?

Yes! We’re doing everything we can to make your trip as safe and stress- free as possible. All trips are run with enhanced safety and hygiene protocols advised by the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) & WHO (World Health Organisation) including only working with partners who uphold the same standard and are taking the maximum amount of precautions. From switching to private transport where possible to offering private room upgrades, we’ve got all areas covered to ensure your trip is an amazing one! You can read more here.

What happens If I can’t travel due to COVID?

We’re only operating in countries that are open without quarantine and are safe and easy to travel in. That being said if you could no longer travel due to COVID or if something were to arise our TruCrew are always here to give you some TLC and to go through your options. Think of us as ya BFF’s, the fun auntie/uncle of the family who loves a drink or your travel guardian angels. Were not fussed.

Is my money protected?

Yep! You will never lose your money. You’re protected. TruTravels is both ABTA and ATOL registered meaning your money is safe. We also offer 1 free date change before 60 days of your departure date.

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