Time to roll out the red carpet!

Well, the first rule of the VIP Club is you don't talk about the VIP Club… Just kidding. We’ve launched the ultimate loyalty club to have you avid TruTravellers buzzing off the walls and packing ya bags ready for that next tour of a lifetime….The more you travel and live your best Tru life, the more perks you get. Simple as that!


What is the Tru VIP Club?

It's an exclusive club for our elite, world-renowned travellers giving them access to exclusive discounts, deals, room upgrades, merch, travel vouchers and so much more. Yep, there really is no other club like it. With impromptu surprises, discounts, giveaways and monthly draws up our sleeves, our Tru VIPs are treated exactly like that… VIPs.

How do I become part of the VIP Club?

To qualify, you must have done more days on tour with us than sunny days in an English summer. That's about 30. The more you travel, the more perks, rewards and life-changing deals coming your way. It's as simple as that. More travel, more rewards...Ya feel?

Everyone who travels with us changes the game, but with 30+ days on tour, these VIPs are Game-Changers. They've explored the world, mastered hostel vibes, and have been a member of the TruFam for a while. The passion for exploration & wandering to new destinations is real. A Game-Changer lives to travel and venture to new places but might still have a few destinations to tick off their bucket list. A few more trips on the cards, and with these added benefits already... you'll be well on your way to the next level!

An Icon, star, world-renowned celebrity; with 50+ days on tour with us, an Icon certainly knows their way around a welcome dinner, chilled checkout and every life-changing experience in between. They're probably on a first-name basis with all our Travel Ninjas and are celebrities across the TruTravels Instagram page. They know their way around a map, the best place for 2-4-1 cocktails and how to sweet talk the reception staff. Like we said, Icons! The higher level of VIP, the more rewards and perks! So, our Tru Icons are in for HUGE rewards, discounts, deals & exclusive invites.

The 100 Club! Now that is legendary! Legend status really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Slap it on the CV, Instagram bio, or add it as a LinkedIn accomplishment. Because our Tru Legends are practically the face, body, mind & soul of Tru. 100 Days on tour? What an experience! These guys are the VIPs still going strong at the after-party, the go-to bed at 6am get up at 7am for sunrise. Legends aren't made at home; they're made on a TruTravels tour, all 100+ days of them! How do we say thanks to our Tru VIP Legends? Well, it includes travel vouchers, CUSTOM BRANDED MERCH, private room upgrades, and so much more. Plus unlimited hugs from each and every TruCrew staff member. Now that is a perk...

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT, MVPs in the building! We bow down to our MVPs. Time to roll out the life-size gold full-body statues to put up outside Tru HQ because hitting 365 - is life-changing. The first person to have spent 365 days on tour with us will also receive FREE TOURS FOR LIFE.. We told you, they’re kind of a big deal. MVPs will be celebrated every year, every month, every day with Tru & that's a promise. From custom branded merch to private room upgrades to a whooping £250 travel voucher per year. A MVP is exactly that. Our most valuable people!

Group of travellers at Ubud rice terraces smiling with green trees in background

bali experience - 10 days

From U$975
Heaven for all types of travellers! From waterfalls to surfing, temples to sandy beaches, explore the best parts of Bali here.

Location Route Iconcanggu - gili trawangan

A group shot on a snorkeling trip in Koh Phi Phi Thailand

thailand island hopper - 14 days

From U$1,495
Paradise for sun, sea & island lovers! Explore the best parts of the East & West coast of Thailand in 2 weeks.

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

philippines west - 10 days

From U$1,595
Island hop through the best of the West. Swim & snorkel the aqua waters and join us for a castaway experience.

Location Route Iconmanila - coron town

sri lanka uncovered - 10 days

From U$1,295
Dive into the diverse Sri Lankan culture, set off on a safari, climb Sigiriya rock & check out the breathtaking scenery.

Location Route Iconnegombo - unawatuna

A group of people stood in front of  Volcano Arenal

costa rica adventure - 10 days

From U$1,850 U$1,480
From Jungles and volcanic hot springs to exotic wildlife. An incredible 10 days exploring Costa Rica's hotspots!

Location Route Iconsan josé - santa teresa

vietnam explorer - 13 days

From U$1,695
This incredible trip covers all the highlights & hidden gems from top to bottom of Vietnam.

Location Route Iconho chi minh city - hanoi

bali bliss - 10 days

From U$1,755
Stunning hotels, beautiful viewpoints & island hopping. Live your best life as you explore Indonesia in comfort & style.

Location Route Iconseminyak - seminyak

legend of japan - 12 days

From U$2,650
See the Tru Japan as we explore Tokyo City, marvel at Mount Fuji, and master the art of the Kendo on this legendary 12-day trip!

Location Route Icontokyo - tokyo

philippines island hopper - 17 days

From U$2,795
Join us in paradise & complete the best parts of the Philippines combining both the East and West trips.

Location Route Iconmanila - boracay island

discover asia - 37 days

From U$4,750
Beautiful beaches, welcoming locals, mouthwatering food and incredibly rich in culture. Catered to all types of travellers, discover Asia on this 37 adventure across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

Location Route Iconbangkok - hanoi

total asia - 50 days

From U$6,095
Jaw-dropping beaches, rich culture and life-changing adventures. See it all on this epic South East Asia experience across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

Location Route Iconbangkok - hanoi

colombia uncovered - 12 days

From U$2,345 U$1,876
Uncover the beauty of Colombia’s historic cities, lush jungles and remote beaches on this epic 12 day trip.

Location Route Iconmedellín - cartagena

mexico - yucatán experience - 11 days

From U$2,245 U$1,796
A fun & unique experience to explore all the hotspots & hidden gems of Yucatán Mexico.

Location Route Iconcancún - playa del carmen

peru inca adventure - 10 days

From U$1,945 U$1,556
An adventure packed full of culture, history and adrenaline-pumping activities!

Location Route Iconcusco - cusco

komodo island hopper - 9 days

From U$1,550
Get off the beaten track on this unique experience. Visit the Komodo dragons & stay on a private liveaboard boat.

Location Route Iconkuta - labuan bajo

Girl on Bali swing surrounded with jungles and rices terraces

bali & beyond - 18 days

From U$2,495
A combo of our Bali Experience & Komodo Island Hopper! Full of Indonesia’s incredible hot spots & hidden gems.

Location Route Iconcanggu - labuan bajo

girl underwater snrokelling with turtle

total indonesia - 26 days

From U$4,150
Island hop around the Komodo Islands, visit and learn from local tribes, experience the magic of the jungle and discover Bali's famous backpacking lifestyle in the ultimate Indonesian adventure.

Location Route Iconmedan - labuan bajo

greece island hopper - 9 days

From U$2,350
The ultimate Greek experience. Island hop between Greece’s hotspots. Beaches, beers & a bucket list 9 days.

Location Route Iconathens - santorini

croatia sailing adventure - 8 days

From U$1,815
Sail the seas! Experience adventure, history & beaches! Hit up Croatia’s hot spots and sail away on our TruYacht!

Location Route Iconsplit - split

borneo & below - 12 days

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Borneo. Full of wildlife and activities and even complete your PADI diving course.

Location Route Iconkota kinabalu - gaya island

borneo adventure - 9 days

An adventure for wildlife & ocean lovers! Get off the beaten track and explore all the hidden gems Borneo has to offer.

Location Route Iconkota kinabalu - gaya island

india uncovered - 13 days

From U$1,415
Complete the famous Golden Triangle and beyond. The perfect trip to hit India’s hotspots.

Location Route Iconnew delhi - new delhi

india & sri lanka uncovered - 23 days

From U$3,250
Complete the famous Golden Triangle and beyond. The perfect trip to hit India’s hotspots.

Location Route Icondelhi - unawatuna

sumatra uncovered - 9 days

From U$1,550
Explore Indonesia's hidden secret. From river tubing to searching for wildlife, releasing turtles to staying in beachfront bungalows. Explore the Tru Sumatra.

Location Route Iconmedan - padang

bali & sumatra adventure - 18 days

From U$2,795
Crystal waters, unique cultural experiences and incredible nightlife. Perfect getaway for beach lovers, adventurers and sunset seekers!

Location Route Iconmedan - gili trawangan


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