How to plan a gap year!

2019 is your year of adventure and it is time to start ticking off that bucket list! Here we give our 4 quick steps on how to plan a gap year. Book your epic adventure today.


Regardless of how long you’re planning on going for, get saving. It is important to have some money behind you whilst being overseas. A great place to start is South East Asia as it is super cheap and your money will stretch much further! Seeing as your first stop will probably begin in Bangkok, which will be a culture shock for most, a group trip is a great way to ease you in. That way you’ll have a great introduction to the region, meet a group of people in the same boat, and once it’s finished, you’ll feel like you’ve been there much longer than you have.


Sit down and plan it. Either by yourself or ask us! Our lovely team have all been there and done a gap year themselves and can be a very helpful source of wisdom. By planning where you want to go, and prioritising, we will help you plan the trip to fit your time frame and budget. Do you want to do a couple of weeks in Asia, 6 months, or even longer? Your money will go a LONG way in Asia but be sure to budget yourself somewhat too. You don’t want to miss out on something because you’re low on funds! So make sure you do your research!


Be flexible. The worst thing you could do is book absolutely everything before you go from start to finish and leave yourself no room for change. What if you absolutely LOVE a place but you have only allowed yourself two days there and you have met a great new group of people who are staying on to travel around that area a little while longer. But you can't because you have already made other plans! Sometimes it is nice to have some room to go with the flow.




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