Travel FAQs

All your top questions answered!

We know that you must have loads of questions so we have put together this page (and this blog) to give you the answers to the most common ones that crop up. Have a browse and if you still need some help then get in touch.


If you have questions about how COVID-19 might affect your travel plans, please visit our Travel Safety Updates page for a list of FAQs.

General Questions

Are flights included?
No, flights to your destination are not included and these will need to be booked yourself. We recommend searching via Kayak or Skyscanner for good deals and to get the best selection of flights too.


What happens if something comes up and I need to change my date?

Plans sometimes change, so if you wish to change your group date after making a booking then just let us know at least 60 days before the start date and we will move you to any available group. You are entilted to 1 free date change. If you have to change dates for reasons outside of your control within 60 days of the start of your tour then an administrative fees will apply and any date change will only be subject to availability. No dates changes will be allowed less than 7 days before the start date of your trip.

We know this can be a stressful time, especially if something unexpected comes up. If in doubt get in touch with our team via email ( or phone (+44 203 542 2463) and we will try our best to help you and guide you to the best solution for your situation.

Also, whilst we will always do our best to accommodate, please be aware that we cannot guarantee availability of other start dates at short notice. Ddate changes are limited to one per person, if you need to change again a second time then the refund policy applicable to cancellations will apply.

If you wish to change your flight departure or return date you will be subject to the Terms & Conditions of your travel agent or airline.


Do many people travel alone?
Yes, most people come on our trips alone, it's a great way to meet new people and you will never feel alone from the moment you arrive as you will instantly be travelling with an awesome group of likeminded people.


What is the general age for travellers on your trips?
There is no upper age limit for our trips! Generally our travellers are aged 18-35. Remember you’re only as old as you feel!


Do I need a to arrange a visa?
It depends on your nationality and which destination you are travelling to. For full visa information visit:


How much money should I take?
Everyone spends differently so it’s hard for us to give an exact amount but we usually recommend around £150 – £250 per week is sufficient for you to have an epic time. All your activities, transport and accommodation is covered by us so you just need to worry about what your food, drink and shopping. For other countries outside of Asia we recommed you bugdet for spending more. Please note we can not be held responsible if you start popping bottles of champagne on the first night or go wild in the aisles of the night market and run out of money. 


What day to I need to book my flights for?
Ideally it's best to arrive on the start date of the tour, or the day before if you want a good nights sleep before day 1. However you can arrive up to 2 days before and we will still pick you up from the airport as long as you're staying in the start accommodation which has been booked through our team.


Do I have to arrive at a specific time?
No, we can pick you up from the airport at any time of day or night so you can pick the best flight that works for you.


If I arrive early can you still pick me up?
Yes as long as you stay at our hotel (which has been booked through our sales team) and are arriving within 2 days of your start date. We can reserve you a room for you to pay for the additional nights on arrival. Please contact us on to arrange.


Do I need any vaccinations?
For most of our destinations you don’t need any specific vaccinations however its always good to check with your doctor to make sure you have an up to date tetanus jab.


Is Food Included?
Food is usually not included in our tours however we do include occasional meals on day trips. We do also head out every evening for a group dinner at some awesome our favourite spots.


When will I meet my group leader?
Your group leader will get in touch with you a week before your trip to confirm your meeting time/flight details and to introduce themselves. They will create a whatsapp chat so you are all connected and have a space to ask questions before the tour begins.


What if I have an allergy?
If you have an allergy or food preference you must let us know as we will make your group leader aware. We also recommend printing out allergy cards in the local language. These cards can be easily found on google and are great to carry as they can be shown to the restaurants we eat at to explain your allergy in depth and make sure nothing gets lost in translation. If there is a cooking class on the tour we will also let them know to make it as safe and as inclusive as possible. 


What kind of accommodation do we stay in?
Our accommodation is mainly in twin share accommodation in some awesome hotels. You will always be sharing a room with someone of the same sex from your group. We do sometimes stay in dorm/hostel style accommodation which will be exclusive to our tour group.


Is the accommodation we use safe?
Yes we use the best accommodation in each location and we have been using them for many years. It's extremely safe.


What do I need to pack?
You will receive a packing checklist in your pre-departure pack when booking with all the best tips before you travel with us. If there is something specific you'll need that you might not have thought of we will let you know. For most countries we'd recommend something to cover your shoulders and knees incase we visit temples or other religous buildings where they are required.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is compulsory and you should make sure it covers you for the whole of your trip. You will be asked to provide proof of your travel insurance before traveling with us.


How many people are on each trip?
Usually our groups get fully booked - so if you have your heart set on somewhere don't hang about!!! We tend to cap around 20 people maximum.


What do we do in the evenings?
We head out every evening as a group for dinner and often drinks. We take you to some of the coolest spots around as well as some hidden gems we’ve discovered over the years. We know that not everyone wants to be drinking lots every night and because of that your tour guide will always have another option if you want to do something different! The evening activites are not part of the itinerary so you do not have to participate, after all it's your trip and we want you to have the best time possible :)


Backpack vs Suitcase?
We would always recommend a backpack. Suitcases are not ideal for travelling as even if your suitcase has wheels it's very hard to pull it across the beach. If it's your first time with a backpack, you’ll never look back after.


What if I don’t want to participate in one of the activities?
We are not going to force anyone to do anything they might not want to do so if you’re not confident on a push bike and want to sit out a bike ride or not a fan of open water and want to stay on the boat during snorkelling that's absolutely fine, it's your adventure!


Is there any free time?
Yes we try and balance our itineraries with a nice balance of awesome activities and free time to explore the local surroundings, shop or even get a well earned massage.


If I book more than one trip is transport between destinations included?
No, our combo trips do not include travel between destinations however we can help you plan the best way to get between each place.


Who will be my tour guide?
You will have a local guides where possible or a guide (who is super well versed with the area) with you every day. They don't clock off at 5 like some other companies so they are there with you in the evenings too - they might even show you the worm on the dancefloor. Every guide is full of awesomeness, great local insight and they will always be on hand to make sure you have the best time.


Is TruTravels financially protected?
Yes we are 100% financially protected as members of ABTA and our number is Y6506.


Can I find out who else is in my group?
Yes you can start chatting to other members of your group. Around 7- 10 days before the start of your tour we will create a chat with everyone on tour and a link to it will be included in your pre-departure pack. In the meantime you can join our Facebook group of past and future travellers


How should I bring my money?
There are ATMs readily available in all of our destinations so we would recommend getting a travel card with good rates and withdrawing cash locally rather than carrying big amounts with you. If you are going to bring cash you would get a better rate if you exchanged in Asia so bring your home currency with you.


Booking Questions

Can I pay a deposit or do I have to pay in full?
We do offer a deposit option of £200 per tour per person as long as the final balance is paid in full 60 days before start date. If you are booking within 60 days of your chosen start date you will need to pay the full balance.


If I pay a deposit can I pay in installments?
Yes! You can pay these in a few ways. Either through the account area on the website (make sure you sign in with the same email that you booked with!) You can also pay the final balance at any time online via the link on your email confirmation. Or you can call/email the sales team for us to take payment +44 203 542 2463/ 


Can I pay in my own currency?
Our prices are advertised and charged in GBP (£), AUD, CAD, EUR, and USD. However you can use any debit/credit card and your bank will use their own rates to exchange in to your currency. If you want a rough idea of how much this is in your currency then you can visit:


How can I book?
You can book online with a debt/credit card via the “Book Now” button on each tour page. Alternatively you can book over the phone by calling our UK office on +44 203 542 2663


Can I book with a travel agent?
Yes, you can find our products readily available in a lot of online and high street travel agents.


Is my spot guaranteed when I pay a deposit?
Yes, your spot is locked in once you pay your deposit. All you need to do is make sure your final balance is paid off 60 days before the start date of your trip.


Do I need to book my flights first?
No, you don’t need to book your flights before your tour. You can just let us know your flight details once you book them. If we have not received them 14 days before the trip we will chase you.


Can anyone travel even if I’m not from the UK?
Yes, our trips are open to anyone. We have a great mix of travellers join us from all over the world.

What happens after tour?

Is transport to the airport included after the trip?
No, your tour finishes in your end destination however, your group leader can help you book to any transfers you need.


Can I book extra nights at the last accommodation?
We cannot book your post-night accomodation for after the tour. However, your tour guide will be able to point you in the right direction for post-nights and give you some ideas for onward travel. We can also let you know the end hotel for the tour in advance so you can book the same hotel for the end of the tour.


Can you help me with advice for onwards travel?
That is exactly what we are here for! If you are looking to continue your adventure and want inspiration for your next steps your group leader will help you plan your next footsteps.


What time does the tour finish?
The last day of the itinerary is check out day so the tour will officially finish then. Use this as a travel day to get to your next destination. If you have a late flight and want to make the most of your day your guide will have plenty of suggestions to fill the day in the best way :)



We are itching as badly as you to get back out there, and you can bet we are ready for when the time comes. We’ve overhauled all our trips and enhanced safety measures that ensure you can travel with confidence and leave the stress behind. Here’s what we’re doing to keep confidence our middle name…




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