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What comes to your mind when someone mentions Southeast Asia? Is it palm-lined tropical beaches? A sea of motorbikes? An elephant sanctuary at the end of a jungle road or a pool party overlooking the ocean? Southeast Asia has been a highly coveted backpacker destination for generations and it’s no wonder why - this region of the world is exciting, extremely cheap, and full of the best vibes, not to mention BEAUTIFUL...and that’s exactly why this is where we decided to start TruTravels. Whether you’re here for the culture, the party, the nature, the adrenaline-packed activities or a little of everything, we can guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Island hop in the Philippines and Indonesia, head to the mainland of Cambodia or Vietnam to immerse yourself deep in Southeast Asian culture, find out why Sri Lanka is becoming such an iconic travel destination or head to Laos or Borneo if you are looking to get off the beaten path! We love South East Asia so much that we are constantly developing new and exciting tours to show you even more of this incredible continent! Sumatra's volcanos, orangutans and locals make it a must-visit location and the best place to explore if you want to explore the hidden Indonesia. The Komodo Islands allow you to live your island hopping dreams and come up to close with the legandary Komodos and other insane wildlife. We relaunched Japan this year too, it has become one of our most popular tours and that's not suprising seeing as it's 12 days of city exploring, Kendo mastering and Sushi Making - is there a better way to explore South East Asia?

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Location Route Icon Siem Reap - Phnom Penh
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Koh Phangan
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Koh Phangan
Location Route Icon Kuta - Labuan Bajo
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Chiang Mai
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Bucket List

Visit an Elephant Sanctuary
Surfing Lesson
Discover Tokyo
Zip-lining in the Philippines
See Orangutans
Indian Safari
Stay In Floating Bungalows
Group of travellers kneeling down behind komodo dragon
See Komodo Dragons
Philippines Island Hopping crystal clear waters
Island Hopping Experiences
Travel The Hai Van Pass

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