Why Japan?

Konnichiwa... Japan is calling! Futuristic city lights, mouth-watering foodie heaven, and rich, ancient culture filled with Tru-ly life-changing experiences. Yep, we're talking the three big S's. Sushi, Samurai and Sake! This country is nothing short of legendary. Take the scenic route by bullet train as we speed through Japan and sightsee the best of the best! Marvel at Tokyo's glowing neon city lights, walk the historic ancient walls of Osaka and Kyoto's famous temples and immerse yourself in the Tru Japan with slicing and dicing in sushi-making classes and Kendo sessions. Japan is magical all year round, from cherry blossoms blooming to white snow-capped mountains. Fall in love with the breathtaking scenery, rich traditional culture and hey, the sashimi is pretty good too...

Japan Facts

Language - Japanese
Currency - Japanese yen (¥)
Local Drink - Sake (Rice Wine)
Local Dish - Sushi

Japan Tours

Japan Blogs

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