Our Story

The company was founded by Joe and Mark in August 2012 when they decided that the time had come to leave the ‘Rat race’ of working long hours in office jobs in London to follow their dream of starting a backpacker travel company.

How it all Began

Life had not always been like this. Having both had fairly normal British upbringings, they were always told (as were most at the time) that they had to work hard in school, get good grades, get a good job, work their way up, pay into a pension, buy a nice house and a car etc etc. Everyone is told that this is the aim in modern day life but nobody asks why or what is the alternative. Mark and Joe pretty much followed the norm and finished school. They went to college, uni, got jobs, etc. Then in 2008 both Joe and Mark (who hadn’t met yet) ended up, through a different series of chance events, embarking on long backpacking adventures. Although they were only supposed to be six month trips (after which they would go back to “real life”), they actually turned into several years of travelling and working in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and a few other places. Life was good. They had the freedom of being able to go wherever they wanted with whoever they liked. No responsibilities. New friends. A constant adventure! This was what life was about, and it was a very addictive lifestyle.

Eventually Joe and Mark's paths crossed in Australia when they both ended up working for a backpacker tour company in Sydney. Life was just getting better and better. What’s more, they discovered that you could make a living from travel! Mark did a few months in Thailand as a guide before heading back to Oz and Joe ended up going back to Thailand and staying there for a while. Unfortunately though, the party couldn’t last for ever (or so they thought at the time) and eventually having both met lovely girlfriends, found themselves back in London working in suits and offices. This time it was different though. This time it was just a means to an end they thought. They had seen the light and would no longer conform to the consumer lifestyle and be corporate slaves until they were too old to enjoy their free time! The plan was to save up a load of money very quickly and go abroad and start something that would allow them to be free again. Easy – They just needed to save loads of money!

Two years later they were both still in the same jobs and although they had made progress and saved a bit, the end did not look close and the freedom of their backpacking days felt like a long time ago. They were in danger of conforming and becoming part of the system. Shit! Maybe it had already happened. Something had to be done. Some time in early 2012, the guys met for a drink with another old travel pal and were soon talking about how good life used to be and questioning what had happened and throwing around ridiculous ideas of how they could once again live the dream. One of which was to start a tour company in Thailand. So, on a dark rainy night, in a public house in central London, TruTravels was conceived over a few beers. Not quite, as many assume, on a sunny tropical beach over a tequila sunrise with little umbrellas.

Much talking was done over the next few months and ideas shared, but ideas they remained. When they discovered that they had both booked a trip to Thailand at the same time, it was like the universe was trying to say something.  So they decided to use it as a research trip and touch bases with some old contacts and see how the land lay. Needless to say, it went well, and after getting a few more signs from the universe and months of intense planning they both handed in their notices at work and were suddenly committed to making this dream a reality.

After a six month gestation period, TruTravels was born in July 2012, with the first tour set for 15th January 2013. Now it was on. Joe and Mark had given up everything in order to make their dream a reality and regain the freedom they once had, forever.

How far we have come

It is now 2019 and we are 7 years in to our incredible journey! Our trips have gained an excellent reputation over the years as we have shown thousands of young travellers the time of their lives. Our customer satisfaction and word of mouth has led us to grow at a rapid rate over the last couple of years and expand into new destinations.


We have grown from running one trip in Thailand to now covering 9 countries across Asia. This is all down to TRUly believing that we are the best at what we do and have the best team in the business.


We will continue to create incredible experiences across the continent and who knows where it will take us. One thing we do know is that we will not change a thing. The customer experience will always be our number one priority and we will continue to grow the Tru Family for years to come. We hope you can join us on our epic adventure.


Peace and Love,