After 10 years of delivering epic life-changing experiences to our TruTravellers, we want to truly embed doing good into the heart of everything we do. That’s why we introduced the ‘TruTravels People & Planet Promise’. We’re dedicated and committed to taking on the responsibility of being the positive change we want to see in the world and so we have set ourselves 3 main ambitious goals that we want to make available to you to show our commitment to them.

We are adopting a truly multi-stakeholder approach and trying to embed doing good into the heart of everything we do, to help save the planet and improve the lives of everyone, from customers & employees, to suppliers & local communities.

Our aim is to be transparent on everything we have achieved so far across the whole company so that as we grow, the positive impact we have on the world will increase exponentially.


Change 250k Lives
Positively change the lives of 250,000 people through travel (Staff, customers, suppliers and communities)
Go Carbon Negative
Ensure ALL operations are carbon negative from 2023, plant 1 million trees by 2030. Reduce environmental impact in relation to business growth.
Raise One Million For Our Communities
Generate £1 million in value for people and planet. To help reduce inequality where most needed.

Change Lives

  • Give 100k+ TruTravellers the time of their life whilst opening their eyes to new cultures and peoples.
  • We communicate with the communities we travel in to maximise our positive impact.
  • All tours must score 75+ on Ripple Score to ensure that at least 75% of our cost of goods sold stays in the communities in which we travel
  • All tours will include one activity which directly supports community development, education, and/or culture
  • We will do what we can to improve the livelihoods, opportunities and well being of all of the TruFam
  • We will employ local guides for every tour and local ops staff where possible
  • Ensuring living wages across TruTravels from now and across our supply chain by 2030
  • We will give less fortunate people the opportunity to travel where possible

Go Carbon Negative

  • We work with our suppliers to reduce waste and emissions and maximise our positive impact across our supply chain
  • Starting with our supplier questionnaire we will assess each of our suppliers in four categories and work with them to improve their scores.
  • When we have measured our supply chain we will set limits and targets for scores and improvements
  • We will eliminate single use plastic from our supply chain by 2030
  • We have signed the Glasgow Declaration, create a climate action plan and report on it publicly
  • We will plant trees to offset all internal TruTravels flights and give customers the opportunity to do the same on booking
  • We will plant trees for every booking and offset our CO2 for all tours from Jan 2023
  • Maintain a CO2 negative workforce by continuing to offset operational emissions monthly

Raise 1 Million

  • We pledge 1% of our revenue to people & planet to fund projects that protect the environment and reduce inequality
  • We will continue to implement on tour and off tour fundraising initiatives to raise money for people and planet (My Own Room Auction, T-Shirt sales, challenges etc.)
  • We give customers the opportunity to donate to our projects on booking (round up on website)


Use our platform to educate customers, staff & suppliers about reducing enviromental impact, sustainability and business practise.

To raise awareness on important issues, inequality and about our projects and impact.


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