Why Tru?

Tru Inclusions

Action packed itineraries with bucket list activities to maximise your adventure. All accommodation, activities and transport included making our trips awesome value for money. What you see is what you get.

Tru Exclusives

Everyone takes you to the hotspots, but our tours give you a selection of unique experiences. Things that we have created that make sure your trip is life-changing.

Tru Friends

Friends for life! Yep, it’s bold, but we guarentee you will make friends for life when you travel with us. Fact. Travel isn’t just the places you go, it’s the people you meet.

Tru Colours

Travel is more than just living the dream - if done right it can change the world. We show our TruColours by travelling responsibly, sustainably, and promoting equality whereever we go.

Tru Stories

Travel is about stories. Meet our extended family and learn about the locals and communities that have changed their lives through tourism. Become part of our TruStory.

Tru Ninjas

We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they are bad Ass! They’renot like other tour guides, they move heaven and earth to give you an awesome time and never clock off. You won’t find people like them anywhere else!

Tru Family

Join us and become part of the TruFam. A group of fun-loving legends fromaround the world who share our love for travel. Anyone who travels or works with us becomes part of our family

Tru Flexibility

We offer super low deposits, payment plans & flexible date changes so you are always in control and can spend more time worrying about what to pack.


We don’t do good tours. We don’t visit good places. We don’t do good times. Our tour guides aren’t good at their jobs. People who’ve been on our trips never say, “Well, that was a good experience.”

Other travel companies do ‘good’. You see, for us, ‘good’ is about as good as average. And one thing we don’t do is average.

We’re the travel company with the blow-your-socks-off tours, the OMG-this-place-is-incredible destinations, the I-can’t-believe-that-happened experiences, we want to spread good vibes & help make the world a better place attitude. We do the things that stay with you forever. We run the kind of trips that you’d never describe as ‘good’. Because you didn’t come here looking for ‘good’. You came here looking for ‘life-changing’.

Ain’t that the Tru-th.

Questions? Concerns? Just want to chat? Contact us!

The TruCrew will be in touch to help you plan the trip of your lifetime & answer any questions you may have!



Epic guides. Ovinda is incredible!
I'm currently half way through the 18 day Bali and Beyond trip with Ovinda and I cannot rave about the trip and Ovinda enough.Having been on other group tours, I can safely say Ovinda has been the most incredible tour guide I've ever had, and I cannot overstate how much of a difference it has made. She is so much fun and keen to be involved with us in every aspect of the trip (activities dinners etc) and she's made a real effort to get to know us. She's gone above and beyond…
Heidi Hamilton - Sep 2023
The Best Group Travel Experience
As a regular traveler I definitely recommend trutravel experience, one of the best I had and the guide ( brother ) Rizky was amazing.
Najir Muhammad - Sep 2023
I had the most amazing time on this…
I had the most amazing time on this tour, visiting some stunning locations across Thailand and getting involved in so many fun activities including kayaking, rock climbing & hiking !! My guides on this tour were Ming and Arthur, both were absolutely amazing from the start of the tour right to end! Throughout the trip, both Arthur and Ming really looked after our group, from reminding us about sun cream, to being a DJ in the mini van to making us laugh everyday !! I couldn’t be more gratefu…
Katie - Sep 2023
Trutravels Vietnam with Lucas
I have been travelling for a while and I chose this trip to have a break from organising everything. Lucas was an incredible tour guide. Everything was organised to perfection and with contingencies if and when needed. He made the transitions to new places, local restaurants and activities easy and seamless. Lucas was more like a friend on the trip. I was really sick with food poisoning and he made so much effort to make sure I was okay, giving my medication and home remedies and just checking i…
Leoni - Sep 2023
18 day Komodo island hopper
Monk and Oner were the guides for the full 18 days and they made everyday so fun! They both made me feel safe and would highly recommend you booking on as it a once in a life time experience🤩
Lauren Crowe - Sep 2023
I did the 9 day Thailand tour with gals…
I did the 9 day Thailand tour with gals who travel. Our guides were Ming and Arthur who made our trip so much better!
Louise Norman - Sep 2023
Gals who travel (Thailand)
This is my first ever trip with TRU TRAVELS. The Thailand trip was better than I expected! i can’t thank my tour guides enough for helping my through this trip and teaching me new things. I will definitely book another one!❤️
Emily Connick - Sep 2023
Komodo Island Hopper
Had an amazing 18 days on the Komodo Island hopper. Oner and Monk were fantastic guides. All the activities were well organised and the highlight of me was the 2 night boat trip in the Komodo Islands!
Jessica Harding - Sep 2023
Incredible GWT- Bali Bliss trip
Could not recommend this tour anymore!! This trip was a very spontaneous thing for me, having never been solo travelling but I met the most amazing bunch of likeminded girls. Our tour guide, Ippy, absolutely smashed it out the bag! He made us all feel completely safe with him and everything was always completely under control, whether you weren’t feeling well or had a dietary requirement like myself. Nothing was an inconvenience for him. He made any days where we travelled as seamless as possi…
Rachel Harmer - Sep 2023

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