Why Tru?

Tru Inclusions

Action packed itineraries with bucket list activities to maximise your adventure. All accommodation, activities and transport included making our trips awesome value for money. What you see is what you get.

Tru Exclusives

Everyone takes you to the hotspots, but our tours give you a selection of unique experiences. Things that we have created that make sure your trip is life-changing.

Tru Friends

Friends for life! Yep, it’s bold, but we guarentee you will make friends for life when you travel with us. Fact. Travel isn’t just the places you go, it’s the people you meet.

Tru Colours

Travel is more than just living the dream - if done right it can change the world. We show our TruColours by travelling responsibly, sustainably, and promoting equality whereever we go.

Tru Stories

Travel is about stories. Meet our extended family and learn about the locals and communities that have changed their lives through tourism. Become part of our TruStory.

Tru Ninjas

We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they are bad Ass! They’renot like other tour guides, they move heaven and earth to give you an awesome time and never clock off. You won’t find people like them anywhere else!

Tru Family

Join us and become part of the TruFam. A group of fun-loving legends fromaround the world who share our love for travel. Anyone who travels or works with us becomes part of our family

Tru Flexibility

We offer super low deposits, payment plans & flexible date changes so you are always in control and can spend more time worrying about what to pack.


We don’t do good tours. We don’t visit good places. We don’t do good times. Our tour guides aren’t good at their jobs. People who’ve been on our trips never say, “Well, that was a good experience.”

Other travel companies do ‘good’. You see, for us, ‘good’ is about as good as average. And one thing we don’t do is average.

We’re the travel company with the blow-your-socks-off tours, the OMG-this-place-is-incredible destinations, the I-can’t-believe-that-happened experiences, we want to spread good vibes & help make the world a better place attitude. We do the things that stay with you forever. We run the kind of trips that you’d never describe as ‘good’. Because you didn’t come here looking for ‘good’. You came here looking for ‘life-changing’.

Ain’t that the Tru-th.


Our Mission Statement:

To create life changing group travel experiences which truly benefit all those involved (Customers, staff, suppliers, communities). To do what we love whilst meeting new people and using our energy & experience to give our customers the best time of their lives. To use our business as a force for good that leverages the travel industry's huge potential to alter perspectives & address issues of inequality, ethics, social and environmental responsibility. To make a positive difference.

Questions? Concerns? Just want to chat? Contact us!

The TruCrew will be in touch to help you plan the trip of your lifetime & answer any questions you may have!



10 day Bali experience
Our guide V was an absolutely amazing guide ! This was my first ever group tour and first time in Bali and v has made this such an enjoyable experience that I will never forget and I will most definitely travel with tru travels again. V was always full of energy and willing to do whatever to help and offer all information we required. Anything we wanted or needed she sorted out straight away, always so organised giving lots of information the day prior on what the next day would hold. Overall I…
Mia Johnson - Apr 2024
Having now done almost all of the tours…
Having now done almost all of the tours in Asia, I have to say Surya was the best tour guide from the lot. His passion for his country and culture was unmatched! He took great pride in delivering us the trip of a lifetime whilst keeping us safe and environmentally conscious at all times!!! He went above and beyond anything I would expect ensuring we had everything we needed and more in every destination! Thank you for making this the most memorable trip and starting my passion for wanting to ret…
Rebekah Ware - Apr 2024
Amazing trip to India with Suri
Suri was a brilliant guide. He was very relaxed and attentive and made it feel like everything was possible. Any requests he handled and he always remembered specific things about each person, like what they liked to do and or what in particular they were interested in seeing. I forgot some medication and he helped me get some. Any time our group had an unusual request he tried to grant it for us. He was great at the markets and with the street hagglers, getting good deals for everyone. I was ne…
Ann-Marie - Apr 2024
TruTravels India - 13 days Surya
Had an amazing and rich time with TruTravels in India!Surya is made for being a tour guide. Most importantly, I felt safe whenever I was with Surya, he was really good at handling awkward situations. I always felt comfortable coming to Surya with any problems that I had, and I know that he would be mindful if it.He clearly loves what he does as he puts his heart into it and has a wealth of information and is keen to answer any questions that I asked.Surya does some things differently to other tr…
David Watkins - Apr 2024
was kind, informative and very protective of the group. He insured we all felt safe and had a great time. was able to give us a lot of knowledge about India and was extremely helpful answering any questions we had. was a fun tour guide who was able to have a chat and a laugh while still being professional.
Kasie - Apr 2024
I’ll be back..
TruTravels was great to do the India tour with. The tour leader Surya was awesome and guiding the group around India. His knowledge of the history was top level. He was engaging and looked after the group extremely well. I will certainly be back for another tour with TruTravels
Riley Martin - Apr 2024
TruTravels India Uncovered
I went on this tour, because I was a little scared to travel India on my own. So I was glad, to get a tour guide. Surya was the best tour guide I could have on this tour, he was very hands on, always on time, told us exactly what, when & where we are going or doing.He is one of a kind, he knows so much about the history and even more than that. Surya I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the informations that I can now share with my family, friends & followers! So from now on…
Maike Wegner - Apr 2024
April India Uncovered
Suri was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I was delayed due to my flight on the first day and he was so helpful and understanding. He has so many connections and will do anything to help people on the tour. If you need anything, he will try his best to make it happen and will speak to locals to try get you the best deals. Everyday was fun with him, he was always in good spirits and laughing. You can really tell he is passionate and knowledgeable and I really felt like part of the family…
Alex - Apr 2024
Bali Experience with Ovinda
I have done four tours with TruTravels now and this has been my favourite so far due to the experience and having Ovinda as a tour guide. I have really enjoyed the tour and the varied activities we did. The activities on the tour were amazing, well organised and were well explained to us beforehand so we could prepare any stuff we needed to bring. Ovinda’s communication, organisation and her personality is what makes her an amazing person and I have become very close with Ovinda over the past…
Georgia Bramley - Apr 2024

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