Living the dream and changing the world!

Each and every one of us stands for something we believe in, those aspects that define us. We keep our TruValues in mind for everything we do from the first idea of a new tour or destination to the moment you finally join us on that tour! For us, we don’t do average, we believe that our tours are for the benefit of all, we create opportunity both for our travellers and local communities while living the dream and having the time of our lives. Oh, and in case you hadn’t already noticed we are all about family. These are our values, and they inform everything we do.

We Don't Do Average

We only do mind-blowingly awesome. We pride ourselves on excellence and go over and above to provide life-changing experiences for all our customers every time. We are always striving to innovate and improve our services and our trips so we can provide the best value for our customers.

For the Benefit of All

We do what we do for the good of our customers, staff, partners and the communities where we work. We want to make the world a better place, whether that’s by spreading good vibes & making people happy or by helping development in areas that need it. We believe business should be used as a force for good.

Group photo of TruCrew in front of blue building holding red and yellow TruTravels sign

Create Opportunity

We believe in providing the opportunity for our customers to have the time of their lives, for our staff to be the best they can be and for our partners and communities to use tourism as an opportunity to improve their lives. Together we have a chance to promote equality through social enterprise and responsible travel.

A trio admiring the incredible view from the Nang Yuan viewing platform

We Are Family

Our people are what make us so unique. Everyone at Tru is part of the family - we work, play and party together. The TruFam is made up of an amazing bunch of individuals who share our passion for spreading good vibes and changing lives through travel. We are about connecting people from all over the world, and everyone who comes on tour with us becomes part of the Tru Family for life.

Live The Dream

Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. Fun is built into everything we do; if we are not enjoying ourselves, then we cannot provide the best experience for our customers. We aim to inspire people to live the dream.

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