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Our epic sailing tours

Our SailVentures will have you Island hopping the days away as you fall asleep under the stars. Live onboard as we sail to untold beauty and untouched islands. Dock up in hotspots and explore off the beaten path areas only accessible by boat. SailVentures combine action, exploration, adventure & jam-packed holiday bliss. Live your very best Yacht life with TruExclusives, Floatilla parties and endless beach days as you sail away in paradise!


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What is the accommodation like on board one of our boats?

The accommodation ranges from destination and boat, but majority of are twin rooms sharing however we have some larger rooms for those travelling with friends in groups of 3 or 4. Just get in touch with our sales team to find out more or to make sure you can share a room!

What if I get sea sick?

Our tours are run throughout the summer months and the best time of the year for sailing in specific destinations so the ocean is expected to be pretty calm, that being said if you do suffer from sea sickness, your skipper will be able to direct you to the closest pharmacy to grab some tablets.

Will we have chances to get off the boat?

Yes! We will dock up in port almost every night to have the evening to explore and spend as we please!

What facilities are onboard?

The facilities range across our boat’s so it’s best to check out each tour specifically. Many cabins have ensuite facilities or have close by sharing bathrooms. Our Greece boat also features 3G wifi onboard.

How much time each day do we spend on the boat?

This depends on travel times between ports so this can be varied from a few hours to an evening onboard partying under the stars.


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