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Why Thailand?

Like many first-time backpackers/travellers to Southeast Asia, Thailand is where it all started for us way back in 2011. After an exciting few months of solo travel involving long nights out, a few slight mishaps, and maybe one or two missed ferries, we had the time of our lives and along the way we developed a few kick-ass itineraries. We wanted to show the world there is more to Thailand than just buckets, shit-shirts, and ping-pong balls. We decided to put it all together and include everything a first-time visitor of Thailand would need to see or do. And there you have it! The first TruTravels trip, ‘Thailand Experience’, was born. The original trip has now grown to include ten unforgettable trips across Thailand where you can experience it all - care for elephants, zipline over the jungles of Chiang Mai, spend a night in a floating bungalow in Khao Sok National Park, or party the night away on the beaches of Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and Phi Phi. This is a country you cannot miss. It is the best place to go as a first time traveller or an experienced backpacker...either way our Thailand tours will show you another side of Thailand and let you experience travelling in a stress-free way!

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Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Koh Phangan
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Koh Phangan
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Koh Phangan
Location Route Icon Bangkok - Phuket


Bucket List

Elephant Sanctuary
Cooking Class
Island Hopping
Temple Visits
Floating Bungalows
Full Moon Party

Thailand Tours 2024-25

Thailand Experience - 8 days

From U$1,025
Our original tour, a complete mixture of culture, adventure, beaches & parties. The perfect introduction to Thailand!

Location Route Iconbangkok - koh phangan

Thailand Island Hopper - 14 days

From U$1,575
Paradise for sun, sea & island lovers! Explore the best parts of the East & West coast of Thailand in 2 weeks.

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

Total Asia - 50 days

From U$6,095
Jaw-dropping beaches, rich culture and life-changing adventures. See it all on this epic South East Asian experience across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam! This is the ultimate way to experience Asia and whether it's a solo adventure or the group trip of dreams THIS is how to see Asia and to have the best life-changing experience travelling the hotspots of Asia!

Location Route Iconbangkok - hanoi

A group photo with the elephants in Chiang Mai Thailand

Northern Thailand Adventure - 14 days

From U$1,495 U$1,196
Amazing 2 week trip where we visit an elephant sanctuary, stay with a hill-tribe, zipline through the jungle & much more!

Location Route Iconbangkok - chiang mai

A girl at the top of the viewing platform overlooking Nang Yuan Island in Koh Tao Thailand

Total Thailand - 27 days

From U$2,895
Can’t decide which Thailand trip to do? Complete it all on this legendary journey!

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

Thailand Escape - 9 days

From U$1,650
Live your best life travelling Thailand in style. From drinks over city skylines to idyllic hotels & infinity pools. A Tru premium experience!

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

Discover Asia - 37 days

From U$4,750
Beautiful beaches, welcoming locals, mouthwatering food and incredibly rich in culture. The perfect way to discover Asia for all types of travellers. This 37 day adventure across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam encompasses everything you could want for an Asian Adventure that'll leave you with memories for a lifetime!

Location Route Iconbangkok - hanoi

Full Moon Experience - 10 days

From U$1,350
See Thailand AND the famous Full Moon party! A trip for party goers, lovers of adventure & tropical islands.

Location Route Iconbangkok - koh phangan

Full Moon Island Hopper - 16 days

From U$1,950 U$1,365
Party the night away at the famous Full Moon party & visit the stunning South of Thailand for a beach getaway

Location Route Iconbangkok - phuket

A group photo on a log in the water at Khao Sok national park Thailand

Northern Thailand & Beaches - 21 days

From U$2,395
A mash up of North & South tours: an epic adventure & a mix of activities, culture, islands & beaches.

Location Route Iconbangkok - koh phangan

Northern Thailand & Full Moon - 23 days

From U$2,695
Experience not just the Full Moon Party, but all the best parts of North & South Thailand.

Location Route Iconbangkok - koh phangan

Full Moon Party Pack - 5 days

From U$675
Perfect if you are in Thailand & want to join a squad for an epic 5 days of fun in the sun.

Location Route Iconkoh phangan - koh phangan



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