Full Moon Party Pack

The shortest trip in our family of earth-shatteringly memorable, life changingly brilliant, Thailand Group Travel experiences. The Full Moon Party Pack was born after our 10 Day Full Moon experience basically got so popular that we ran out of space, so… we decided to make the 5-day Full Moon Party its own package, this way we can open more spaces and make a real party of it. In Tru style. This package gives you an intro to Koh Phangan as well as allowing you to experience the world-famous Full Moon Party in the best way possible. With TruTravels. Don’t just come to this beautiful island for one night, get drunk, pass out and leave like 99% of the young people who visit. Enjoy boat trips, beaches, sunset bars, new friends, a giant obstacle course on water, beer, buckets, the biggest beach party in the world and of course, more fun than you can shake a glow stick at. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

We’ve perfected the balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties. A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think of a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives. We stay in a variety of different accommodations such as hotels, hostels, homestays, beach huts & even boats. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

What's Included

Airport Pickup
(Up to two days before tour)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included Transport around Koh Phangan

4 Nights Accommodation Twin-share Room

Boat ride around Koh Phangan The Challenge Lake Sunset pool party Full Moon Party! Relaxing massage
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Bucket List
A colourful and fun photo of people at the full moon party
A girl trying the challenge obstacle course in Koh Phangan Thailand
The Challenge
A group photo on the boat in Koh Phangan Thailand
Koh Phangan Boat Trip

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Day 1

pier pick up

Welcome to the Koh Phangan! A little piece of party paradise in the Thai Gulf. Most people have no idea what to do or where to go when they arrive, luckily for you, will be there to pick you up from the ferry and check you into our beachfront bungalows where you can meet the rest of your TruFam. Feel free to take a dip in the pool, chill on the beach, get some food/drink at the beach bar and restaurant, or go and recharge your batteries in your air-conditioned room. In the evening we’ll ease our way into the night with some delicious Thai food and a few beach bars where we can get to know each other over one too many local beers or rum & cokes. You’ll be glad you got here a few days before the big event, as well as being a wonderful island during the day, there are also plenty of smaller parties on the island, and it’s a great idea to get to know it a little bit better before the big crowds start arriving and Things. Get. Messy.

*Warning: This tour only departs a few times a month and spaces are limited.*

Koh phangan
Day 2

Island Boat Trip

Best hangover cure in the world? Jump in the sea. Fact. And because we are so nice, we have arranged a big pirate ship like boat just for you so you can cure that hangover in style. Today we’ll be ballin’ on a budget, cruising around the island in a pirate ship style boat with music, food, drinks, sunshine and good vibes in abundance. Stopping at a few of the islands nicest beaches or maybe a little deserted islands if tides allow, you can try a spot of snorkelling, catch some rays on the deck, hang with the homies, or even try a spot of wakeboarding or doughnut riding. If the speed boat captain is awake, that is. What happens on a tropical party island the night before a huge Full Moon Party on the beach? A massive party in the jungle, of course. And what do we do on that very night? Hit it up with the fam. Naturally.

Beach party in Koh Phangan with islands in the background
A fun group photo on a boat in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group photo on a boat trip in Koh Phangan
Day 3


What’s the best way to cure a hangover? Yeah I know we said jumping in the sea earlier, but a big swimming pool will sometimes work just as well. And bouncing off a big red inflatable ball into that pool should definitely do the trick. So today we will take a short trip down the beach from our resort to “The Challenge”, a giant obstacle course of inflatables on water, on the beach, with a bar. Sound good? We think so. After some splashing about in the sun, it’s time to get ready for the big night. Go grab your Full Moon outfits, practice your UV paint designs, or just chill by the pool and save your energy for the night ahead with your new party crew. If you have read our blog on “How to do Full Moon Properly” then you’ll know how we make sure to do it right. If you haven’t read the blog and you want to know, then read it. If you’d rather it was a surprise, then don’t read it. Either way, you’ll have the night of your life dancing on the beach in paradise with friends and strangers from all over the world.

A girl trying the challenge obstacle course in Koh Phangan Thailand
Colourful group picture ready for the full moon party
A group getting ready with paint at the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
A group photo at the full moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand
A colourful and fun photo of people at the full moon party
Day 4

rest & recover

Full moon party? Been there, done that! So we are sure you had an amazing night, and your head is probably aching, as well as your feet from too much dancing, but hey, that means you did it right! That’s why our plans for the day include nursing our hangovers the best way possible, a relaxing massage and a film at the local bar! Oh yeah, there are some hammocks on the beach with our names on as well!

Girl relaxing on beach reading a book lounging on the sand in Thailand
Group of friends sitting enjoying a drink at beach bar overlooking the ocean on the beach
Couple relaxing in pool having a drink and laughing together at hotel in Thailand
Day 5


Ahh, all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. It’s not a goodbye, only a see you later! After an incredible five days with your TruFam, it’s time to part ways, whether that means carrying on your adventure (our TruCrew can help you with onward travel) or heading back home! Whatever you do, don’t be a stranger, TruFam!

A group photo at sunset on the beach in Thailand
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Trips Departure Dates



Where does the trip start & Finish?

The trip begins and finishes in Koh Phangan.

What is the closest airport to the end destination?

The closest airport is Koh Samui which is a 45 minute ferry ride away from Koh Phangan. The ferries run regularly.

What kind of accommodation is included on this trip?

The accommodation for this trip is dorm share rooms.

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