We are back with the most asked travel questions! Whether you are travel-curious, ready to start planning your dream trip or you just want to find out a few things before booking your first group trip - this blog should answer your burning questions. You’ll be boarding the plane in no time!


What is a group trip? What's actually included?


Oooph where do we begin?! At TruTravels we run epic group trips and take roughly 10-20 people at a time to insane destinations around the world. We build the itineraries, choose the activities and sort all the transport. You arrive at the start destination and from there your trip leader will be your best friend! They will take your group around and show you the best places to eat, drink and party! They’ll do the activities with you and make sure you are safe and happy at all times! Imagine a holiday will all the best aspects of a school trip and no curfew! You’ll be able to mentally clock off as your tour guide will sort the logistics and help you with any needs you may have. You’ll be able to connect with your group in a Tru-ly special way and you’ll travel around the amazing country you are visiting in a supportive, fun and safe environment - is there any better way to travel…I don’t think so!



Are these trips only for people on their gap year?


No, not at all!!! Our trips are amazing because of the variety of people that come on them! They are perfect for those who are using annual leave and only have a few weeks of holiday to use and for those joining our trips as part of their longer term travel plans. Whatever your situation, our trips are perfect for everyone! We have so many types of tours, with different lengths and activities so there will be one that suits you perfectly! One things for sure though is that once you have done one Tru Tour you’ll become part of the TruFam and you’ll never want to travel in any other way again :)


What makes a TruTravels tour special?


How long do you have...? Our tours are Tru-ly special because we have created our tours to give 'one price, one experience' to everyone on tour! Unlike other tour companies there aren't any hidden activity costs and all the activites included in our tour have been selected to give everyone an insane time and create the best team building moments. We also want your tour guide to give you the time of your life and they will be with you in the evening too! They'll be the last person on the dancefloor AND they'll keep playing cards till the sun comes up too - they are people of many talents! Where possible too they are local to the tour region which means they have the best recommendations and they'll give you unique access to living like a local too - now that is something Tru-ly special!

We also have a People and Planet Promise that we are super proud of! We now incorporate giving back into every tour and we make sure that we can make a positive difference to the communities we visit. Transparency is a big thing for us too and thats why we have added stats to each tour page so you can see how many trees are planted for each tour that is booked, the carbon we offset per tour, the ripple score (which indicates how much of the money spent on our tours stays within the local economy) and the local impact score too which shows the positive impact we have on the environment and the local people on each tour!



What happens when I get to the airport?


If you arrive within 48 hours of the tour or you have booked a pre-night through our sales team, when you arrive at the airport one of the team will be there to pick you up! Your group leader will be in contact before then to triple check your flight details! No worries if you flight is delayed - we’ll be tracking you (without sounding creepy) so when you arrive we can get you to the start accommodation asap!



How can I visit more than one country or do more than one tour?


We like your thinking! Luckily for you we have lots of options if you want an extended trip. We have a selection of Multi-Country trips where we take you across multiple countries and we sort the flight for you too! Then we also have our bundles which allow you to combine trips and book them together and you get a great discount on them too! With bundles the transport between tours is not included but our Before You Go team or your tour guide will be able to give you top tier advice on how to get between tours. If you can’t see a bundle that tickles your pickle jump into our dms or send an email to info@trutravels.com and the team will be able to help you plan your dream trip! Happy planning!


 Do many TruTravellers travel alone?


Yes, the majority of our travellers come on their own - roughly 75% of our TruTravellers! We designed our trips specifically with solo travellers in mind, so you can be sure you’ll meet many others travelling alone like yourself along the way. This of course doesn’t mean our trips are only for solo travellers, but it does mean that you don’t need to worry you’ll be surrounded by a group that already knows each other.



Will I be able to chat with the group before the trip starts?


Yes! A few weeks before departure you will be added into a whatsapp group where you’ll have the opportunity to meet others on your tour! We’ll get the conversation going so you’ll be familiar with your tour guide and group, and can ask any questions you have before you take off on your trip. Before this though you can join our TruTravellers facebook page where you can meet people who have booked on, ask questions about the tour to those who have been on it and experience the amazing TruCommunity! They have so many great tips, advice and suggestions for travelling!


Is it safe to travel alone?


The amazing thing about a Tru Tour is that you have the best of both worlds! You can siki travel and meet new people but you have the reassurance that there are a group of people with you that will always have your back and a tour guide to look after you! Anything you do in life (including any type of travel) has some element of risk, but the safest way to solo travel is to do it on a tour! You don’t have to worry about logistics, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide to help you navigate the country, answer any questions you have, and help you avoid any sketchy situations. We’ll even help you before the trip and after the tour with any onward travel.



Who will I share a room with?


If you are travelling on your own you will be paired up with another traveller of the same sex and similar age. In most cases they will also be a solo traveller and will likely become your new best friend. If you meet someone on your trip and you hit it off particularly well and would like to room together, just speak to your Travel Ninja and they’ll make it happen!


Is it easy to make friends when travelling?


One of the best things about travelling solo is that it forces you out of your comfort zone and you meet countless people you wouldn’t have met if travelling with friends. Depending on where you are and how outgoing you are, it can be easier or difficult to meet other like minded travellers. This is the beauty of group tours - you don’t have to stress about being in situations where you’ll meet people and you won’t have to say goodbye to the legendary people you met that night. Once you start the tour you have your new friends and they will be on the same schedule as you!


What's the best part about travelling solo?


There are TONS of reasons we recommend everyone try travelling solo at least once in their life. Check out this blog where we tell you 18 reasons to travel solo on your next trip!




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