At TruTravels we believe the travel industry has the potential to change the world for the better. Our vision, aside from runnning incredible tours with over 1,500 5* reviews, is to unite people, companies and charities from all walks of life, with the common goal of reducing the current global equality divide. We feel, no matter where you are from, everyone has a social responsibility to help make the world a better place. We source suppliers from local businesses & families and we have employed as many local staff as possible to ensure the money goes back into local communities we have the pleasure of travelling in. We have a selection of charities we work with that are particularly close to our hearts. From beach cleanups in Bali to building wells in Cambodia, we do our best to give back to local communities where we can! Learn more about some of the charities we have been working with over the years below.

TruTravels x Charity Water

Our main goal is to change the lives of as many people as we possibly can through travel but when we came across Charity Water we wanted to take this goal even further. Charity Water helps to provide clean drinking water to communities all around the world. Currently, 771 million people lack access to clean water, impacting their health and quality of life. By allocating 1% of our revenue to water projects around the world, like handpumps in Mozambique, we're creating lasting change, empowering communities and providing a long- term solution. Every booking with TruTravels makes a difference, from improving health, food access, local economies, and education for those who really need it.

TruTravels x Ecologi

As much as we love making a positive change through travel we believe it is just as important to look after the world we live in. Becoming more eco friendly has been a huge focus for us and that’s why in 2021, we partnered with Ecologi. Ecologi is the forefront in climate change meaning you can become climate positive & carbon neutral with just the click of a button. Wild right?! The best part, they show you exactly what you’re doing to make that change. Down to the species of tree they’re planting and the exact location in the world they’re planting it, so we can really, tru-ly see the difference ourselves and our TruTravellers are making.


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