Salaam Baalak Trust


If you have the amazing opportunity to go on one of our India tours, you'll be shown around New Delhi by the incredible Salaam Baalak Trust. They show you all the work the charity does around the city to support the street kids with food, shelter, education and help them have the best future and realise their potential. You even get to meet some of the kids during their lessons!






When you visit the Salaam Baalak centre, you have the opportunity to sponsor a child or leave a small donation which really helps them to carry on protecting and providing for these street kids. There are also some cool merchandise like postcards, t-shirts designed by the kids themselves. Every time you buy these cute handicrafts you are giving a less fortunate child a much better chance at a better future with more opportunities.









Another charity that is close to our hearts in India is Sheroes. Sheroes is an awesome charity that helps support many women who have been victims of acid attacks. They often completely lose their self-confidence and have nowhere to go in the society, so this charity provides a safe space and a refuge for these survivors. They also share their personal stories, and how they have been able to overcome these traumatic events.



Visit the 'Sheroes Hangout' cafe in Agra during your India tour, which is run by an all-female crew who have suffered from acid attacks. By purchasing some tasty treats and beautiful handicrafts from here, you can help support these amazing women, give them a career and a livelihood.







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