Ok, so unfortunately not everything can be exciting and sexy like us. But some things are just, well, essential and can't be missed. So here is the section of our website which contains the stuff that doesn't fit in Our Trips or About Us sections. Ya know, the essential shit. Travel insurance (boring but necessary) and some other stuff which is less boring, but still doesn't fit anywhere else on our site, like FAQs and Solo travel and the most important part...Our VIP club. Basically if you have any questions about how our trips run, what you need to do before you leave or other bits and bobs this is the page where you'll find all the answers! It's the page of wisdom if you will!

There's more than one way to travel, which is why we've perfected 4 distinct travel styles, Classic, Flashpacker, SailVentures and Ski and Apres. Whatever bucket list trip you're looking for.. we've got it! View all tours here.

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Well, the first rule of the VIP Club is you don't talk about the VIP Club… Just kidding. We’ve launched the ultimate loyalty club to have you avid TruTravellers buzzing off the walls and packing ya bags ready for that next tour of a lifetime….The more you travel and live your best Tru life, the more perks you get. Simple as that!


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