We started TruTravels because we wanted to do something we enjoy and work with people we love. So, we have tried our best over the years to make Tru a fun place to work and only hire cool, energetic, good-humoured and awesome people. As a result, the Tru Family is made up of some of the most amazing people on the planet who love working with each other and love what they do. We honestly believe that if we are not all enjoying our jobs then we would be unable to deliver the sort of top-notch experiences and service we provide to our TruTravellers day in day out. Check out the about us section for more info on Tru in general.

Big group of travellers having fun outside in front of a boat in Thailand
Group photo of TruCrew in front of blue building holding red and yellow TruTravels sign

We have operations in many countries over the world so if you want to live in paradise and work for a fun, caring and fast-growing company, you have a passion for travel, and can bring something amazing to the table then check out the available roles we have below:



Full-Time Internship - UK HEAD OFFICE

Group photo of TruCrew at summer session party wearing colourful flowers and sunglasses


Location: South West London – TruTravels Head Office


Starting: Summer 2020


What we are looking for…

We are looking for young, passionate people who want to break into the travel industry to join the team at our Head Office.

We need fun, ambitious, organised people who really want to learn about and get involved with all aspects of tour business. You would need to be available to live and work in London/Surrey for a minimum of 6 months. No previous experience is required as we believe everyone needs to start somewhere! This is a full-time role and at TruTravels we believe in supporting our team and growing from within so this is a great opportunity for you. Who knows where it could lead to!



  • Basic Admin Tasks
  • Assistance in running our Social Media channels.
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Content writing
  • Much more


So if you’re up for an adventure and eager to learn what we are all about, then why not give it a shot?!

Make sure to take some time with your application in order to stand out and let us know how fab you are! 😀

**This is an unpaid internship**



Group Leader


Location: Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica


We are currently looking for awesome, motivated individuals to join us in four countries in Latin America - Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As a team we are a close knit bunch who live and operate in 9 countries across Southeast Asia (and now Latin America!) The successful applicants/chosen ones will be living, working and partying alongside us here and welcomed into the Tru Fam.


Role/Duties - Your role will be to help give our TruTravellers the experience of a lifetime as you show them around paradise! Taking groups of young travellers (18-30 something) along our itineraries in your chosen destinations. You will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that each and every group member has the time of their lives, going over and above to make sure they are comfortable, safe and happy. You will become everyone’s best friend in the group, be entertaining, the star of the show throughout the tour and also generally be awesome!

As well as looking after customers and keeping them entertained you will have to inform them about the culture, customs and history relating to all of our destinations. You will also keep them informed on day to day plans and activities.

Show them the best night spots and take them to the best restaurants in the evenings to cater to everyone’s needs.

You will be taking part in a number of activities from jungle hikes and ziplining to boat trips, snorkelling and lots of other things, so you must be reasonably active and not scared to get involved and try new activities.

There are some paperwork elements to the job such as keeping track of expenses, sending welcome emails and staying in contact with groups and also getting reviews in (a super important part of the job!)

Generally helping to improve marketing reach of company through social media and always acting in a way to enhance and protect Tru’s excellent reputation.



Requirements - Who we’re looking for

  • Fluent Spanish speakers who can comfortably speak English (these are both essential!)
  • You have a great sense of humour and fun.
  • Self motivated, energetic, responsible, organised, trustworthy, hard working individuals– these attributes are extremely important.
  • Must be confident in speaking in front of a large group of people and leading them by yourself (maximum 20 people at a time)
  • People who like people and can get along with and build relationships with people from all walks of life “People people” - We can teach you the skills but you must have the right attitude and be willing to go over and above to provide customers with the best experience of their lives and further the company's growth and reputation.
  • As part of the work is of course travel, you MUST have a passion for travel! And should have plenty of travel experience, especially within Latin America!
  • Individuals with self-control / responsibility
  • People who want to be part of something special and help us continue to grow
  • Overall dedicated people who want to enjoy life and work simultaneously


Benefits - What’s in it for you?

  • Excellent references, referrals and experience for CV & portfolio
  • Opportunity for future employment if excellent performance
  • Enjoy free travel with groups around Latin America (see all the best places for nothing)
  • Regular parties and special events
  • Join a family of fun & ambitious people
  • Probably the best experience of your life and the opportunity to do what you love for a living… (priceless)
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