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Here at TruHQ there's not much that we love more than travelling, but writing about our travels and passing our wisdom on to others does come a close second. Below is a selection of blogs written by our team to inspire, guide and help you in your future travels! Happy reading!

BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL THIS SUMMER PT.1 Say goodbye to Spring and helllllooo to summer. That's right - summer is here, the days are…
The Black Friday Secrets You Have To Know this November! We don’t like to keep secrets, and to be honest we’re rubbish at them…
ARE YOU READY TO SOLO TRAVEL? Are you dreaming of jumping on a flight and exploring new places, but don’t feel like you have any…
TruCrew - Mar 30, 2023
BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL TO THIS SUMMER PT. 3 August is at the height of summer and it's the perfect month to escape to somewhere abr…
TruCrew - Feb 10, 2023
BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL IN SUMMER 2023! Did someone say summertime?! Yaaassss! The suns out, bottles of cider in every hand, tunes…
5 destinations you have to visit in Croatia   Croatia has become a summer hotbed and we are HERE for it. Why wouldn't you vis…
10 PLACES YOU HAVE TO VISIT BEFORE YOU DIE Alexa defines 'bucket list' as 'A number of experiences or achievements that a person h…
Group of Young Travellers on Bottle Beach Koh Phangan Thailand with colorful lights and Palm tree branches
TruCrew - Oct 12, 2021
WHERE CAN I TRAVEL RIGHT NOW? Updated March 24th, 2022 Travel is back on! We're back operating after a crazy summer in Europe and…
An image of Thailand showing the amazing mountainous landscape, calm clear blue ocean, golden sand and longtail fishing boats on the water with a graphic of Best Places To Travel In The Fall B
BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL IN THE FALL 2022 The sun is setting on summer, and if you find yourself feeling sad (maybe a lil’ sunburnt…
TruCrew - Jun 16, 2021
BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL IN OCTOBER 2021 Autumn is well and truly here by October. You probably know a few people who start getting a…
An image with a graphic of 7 Jaw Dropping Destinations You Won't Believe Exist with an image of a bright blue Cenote
You know the destinations that give you those ''Pinch Me'' moments?! Like, am I really seeing this? Well, here are 7 jaw-dropping…
 A banner of a sail boat cruising along the bright turquoise water with a text graphic that says What Are SailVentures?
TruCrew - Mar 16, 2021
SAILVENTURES! Want to feel the sea breeze through your hair while you’re sailing the seas in dreamy, unbelievable locations? Wa…
Green trees with waterfall running down in Lombok Indonesia
TruCrew - Mar 05, 2021
THE BEST BACKPACKING COMPANY AROUND.. THAT'S A FACT If you’re new here, you’re probably asking yourself ‘ What is the best…
A banner of Top 10 Must Visit Places In Croatia with a background of image of the sail boat cruising Croatia
TruCrew - Mar 01, 2021
TOP 10 MUST VISIT PLACES IN CROATIA We can’t be the only ones who’ve been dreaming about a European summer.. Or spending a sum…
A collage of different instagram worthy hotspots in Europe
TOP 10 INSTAGRAM WORTHY SPOTS IN EUROPE Well, 2021 is here, and if you are anything like us, then you are spending your days indoo…
BEST PLACES TO TRAVEL IN AUGUST 2021 YES AUGUST! One of the best months of the god damn year. Summer’s everyone’s favourite t…

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