What makes us different?

Is it our unforgettable tours to magical parts of the world? Instagram-worthy backdrops? Our great deals?Cramming a month’s worth of laughs into a morning surf lesson? Well, yes but It’s more than that. We exist to provide life-changing, groundbreaking, time-bending, mind-blowing, earth-shatteringly awesome experiences. Every time. That's part of what we mean by game-changing travel.


Here at Tru, we’re all about the flexibility. And no, that’s not because each of our Travel Ninjas can effortlessly rearrange their shades with their feet. It’s because we offer low deposits, easy-to-manage payment plans, and flexible date changes. That gives you more time to sit, cross-legged, calendar in hand, counting the days until your trip. Y’know, the important stuff.


We believe that when you book a trip, you shouldn’t then have to busk outside the local supermarket just to afford the activities that were listed in small print as ‘not part of the package’. We include bucket list activities, all accommodation, and transport, so the only time you’ll get stung on our tours is if you accidentally sit on a jellyfish.


We don’t want to say our competitors all offer the same packages. You know what, scrap that. They all offer the same packages. Our tours, on the other hand, give you a selection of unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Things that we have created that make sure your trip is life-changing.


Travel impacts the lives of everyone it touches. And each of those people have incredible stories to tell. That’s why, when people book with us, they’re not just arranging a trip to a foreign land. They directly impact the lives and stories of our Tru Family whilst, and having an amazing time, creating their own TruStory. What will yours be?


Now, we’re not calling you Billy No Mates, but you’ll make friends for life when you travel with us. If you are, in fact, a Billy No Mates, book with us and you’ll soon be Billy Lots of Mates. Jokes aside, the bonds we form on our trips is at the core of what we do here at Tru. Because we believe that Travel isn’t just about the places you go, it’s about the people you meet.


We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they’re badass mo fo’s! They’ll move heaven and earth to make sure every experience is at least 136x better than you expected. It's like travelling with a bunch of your mates, but one of them just happens to know where they're going. They’re a great storyteller, party starter and an all-round legend! Don't believe us? Check our our 5* reviews!


It’s never over. You’ll forever be part of our TruFam - a group of fun-loving legends from around the world who share our love of travel, culture, and very strange jokes. That’s right, book with us and we’ve forever got your back, and yes, we expect invites to weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.


This might sound a tad soppy, but, when done right, travel makes the world a better place. Lot’s of companies say they care but do they actually? It’s not a PR stunt for us, we give a shit big time but feel like fun does not need to be compromised by doing good. We do both! It’s about giving back, reducing our footprint, and spreading love and wealth to the communities we visit whilst having the time of our lives!. We show our TruColours in everything we do. You’ll see.


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