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We could say this is the trip of a lifetime, but we’d be lying. It’s more than that. Much more than that. Gasp as the sun rises over the temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, cower at the Spider Market of Phnom Penh, take a traditional cooking class in sleepy Kampot, and lounge on the idyllic beaches of Koh Rong. With its jaw dropping scenery, humbling history and welcoming culture, every TruTraveller returns with a different, amazing story to tell. What will yours be? Cambodia Explorer is one of our longest running adventures and one of our highest rating tours too! Cambodia is an unskippable country in South East Asia. When you visit this incredible country you will be horrified by the history and the way in which the locals are still affected by it to this day but humbled by the way they share there stories in order to make the world a better, more kind and compassionate place. It is a beautiful country to, after exploring the cities, we'll visit Koh Rong which is known as "The Maldives of Cambodia" but we think its even more amazing than The Maldives. The sea is crystal clear and it is a Tru paradise. If you are looking to explore a country that is still authentic, beautiful and incredibly welcoming - Cambodia is calling your name! If you fancy exploring Vietnam too then check out our Cambodia and Vietnam multi-country trip!

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We’ve perfected the balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties. A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think of a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives. We stay in a variety of different accommodations such as hotels, hostels, homestays, beach huts & even boats. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

What's Included

  • Activities
  • Airport Pickup
  • Travel Ninja
  • Transport
  • TruExclusives
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Activities All Activities Included!
Cooking Class
Sunset BBQ
Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Pub Street, Siem Reap
Cooking Class & Sunset BBQ
Markets in Phnom Penh
S21 & Killing Fields
Water activities in Kampot
Koh Rong Island Paradise
Farewell dinner
Cooking Class Sunset BBQ Sunrise at Angkor Wat Pub Street, Siem Reap Cooking Class & Sunset BBQ Markets in Phnom Penh S21 & Killing Fields Water activities in Kampot Koh Rong Island Paradise Farewell dinner

Airport Pickup
If you are arriving less than 48 hours before the start of the tour and booked the pre-nights directly with TruTravels at the start hotel, you will get a free airport pickup.
If you are arriving the day of the tour you will also be eligible for an airport pick up.
If you are arriving less than 48 hours before the start of the tour and booked the pre-nights directly with TruTravels at the start hotel, you will get a free airport pickup. If you are arriving the day of the tour you will also be eligible for an airport pick up.

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates & one of them happens to know where they're going!
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates & one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included
Private Van
Speedboat to Koh Rong
Return journey from Koh Rong to Phnom Penh
All Transport Included Private Van Speedboat to Koh Rong Return journey from Koh Rong to Phnom Penh

Cambodia Rural Experience & Sunset BBQ
Step into the shoes of a local Mango/Rice farmer and learn what it takes to harvest everyone’s favourite tropical fruit. You’ll even get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. See what we did there? Fruits of your labour. No? Oh, forget it. After that it’s time to join our local guide in his family home - you can't get more special than that!
Cambodia Rural Experience & Sunset BBQ Step into the shoes of a local Mango/Rice farmer and learn what it takes to harvest everyone’s favourite tropical fruit. You’ll even get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. See what we did there? Fruits of your labour. No? Oh, forget it. After that it’s time to join our local guide in his family home - you can't get more special than that!

10 Nights Accommodation
Dorm Rooms on Koh Rong
Local homestay
Boat accommodation
10 Nights Accommodation Twin-share, Dorm Rooms on Koh Rong Local homestay Boat accommodation

10 x Breakfasts
2 x Lunches
1 x Dinner
10 x Breakfasts 2 x Lunches 1 x Dinner

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Cambodia Explorer
11 Days

U$1,225 U$980

Location Route Iconsiem reap - phnom penh

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red flag destination iconphnom penh
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Bucket List

Angkor Wat
Koh Rong
Traditional Cooking Class
Pub Street
Low Deposit
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Day 1

siem reap - your adventure begins!

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Today’s the first day of your epic adventure and your Tru welcome day! Give us a ‘Hell yeah!’ We kick things off in the gateway to Siem Reap, famous for Angkor Wat, rice wine (Sraa) that could power a ballistic missile, and a dining and bar scene that’s 78.6 times better than a night out in Llandudno. You can take advantage of your free airport pick up, or meet us at our hostel where you’ll join the rest of the family, along with your Travel Ninja. (Side note: Don’t worry, our Travel Ninjas aren’t real Ninjas. It’s just a name we made up to make us sound edgy.) You’ll have the day to chill, before joining your group for the welcome speech and heading out for a meal near the legendary Pub Street. You heard us right. PUB. STREET. A place of bonkers bars, weird and wonderful food, and enough neon lights to make Blackpool look like amateur hour. Then, if you fancy it, sink a drink or two - there’s no better way to get to know your Tru fam than via the medium of slurred, drunken jibber-jabber. (Non-drunken jibber-jabber also accepted.)

Siem Reap
Airport Pick Up
Day 2

cambodia rural experience, sunset bbq

Expand Icon Contract Icon

Today we set off for a Tru Exclusive. That’s right. An exclusive. You ain’t getting this shiz anywhere else, kids. Hop in a tuk tuk and drive through the bustling streets of Siem Riep to today’s cultural experience. Step into the shoes of a local Mango/Rice farmer (not literally. It’s against Cambodian law to steal shoes from farmers) and learn what it takes to harvest everyone’s favourite tropical fruit (if in season). You’ll even get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. See what we did there? Fruits of your labour. No? Oh, forget it. After all that, it’s time to join our local guide in his family home. Then we’ll head back to the city to relax or take a dip in the pool, before a sunset BBQ this evening. You’ve got a big day ahead tomorrow, so once you’ve had your fill, we’d advise you get some kip and sleep off today’s mangover (that’s ‘mango hangover’ for any newbs).

Siem Reap
Cambodia rural experience, sunset bbq
1 X Breakfast, 1 X Lunch
Sunset BBQ Dinner
Day 3

sunrise at angkor wat

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Group of Young Travellers in front of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia at Sunrise with Palm Trees
Top places to visit in 2018

Rise and shine people. You won’t forget today in a hurry. It’s your final day in Siem Reap, and you’re off to visit the world’s biggest religious monument. Say (Angkor) waaaat? Yup, you heard us right. We’re off to Angkor Wat, a vast 500 acre site built in the image of Mount Meru, the crib of the Hindu gods. Now, we don’t like to jinx it by saying this’ll be one of the most amazing experiences of your life but...well...this will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. We’ll arrive at the UNESCO Heritage site just in time for sunrise. Get your cameras at the ready. After all, if you don’t put it on the ‘gram, did you even go? #DefinitelyNoFilterNeeded. The afternoon is yours to explore Siem Reap, call loved ones to chew their ears off about your day, or take a much needed nap before our last night out on Pub Street. Chant after us: PUB STREET! PUB STREET! PUB ST- no? OK, maybe later.

Siem Reap
Sunrise tour of Angkor Wat
1 X Breakfast
Day 4

travel by bus to phnom penh

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Wave goodbye to Siem Reap and head towards Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. After last night’s antics, you’ll probably need some sleep, so lie back, close your lids and dribble on yourself whilst we all take photos of you. Kidding. We’re not that mean. Then, stop off in the countryside for a spot of lunch. Take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy some delicious food. Get checked into our Phnom Penh accommodation and freshen up, ready to head out for an evening stroll and dinner. Post-grub, get your bargain on at the night market or skip that and head straight to the bars in an attempt to get rid of that lingering tarantula taste.

Phnom Penh
Hello Phnom Penh
1 X Breakfast
Day 5

khmer killing fields & s21

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If there’s one place every person should visit at some point in their life, it’s the Killing Fields, the location of a haunting Cambodian genocide that took the lives of millions, and the S21 Prison, where the Khmer Rouge held 17,000, very few of which survived. Its devastating effects can still be felt today. Your visit here won’t be easy. Nor pleasant. And it’s a story that will stay with you. But it’s a huge part of Cambodia’s recent history that shaped their modern culture, making it something anyone visiting should take the time to learn about. After our humbling visit, we’ll head back for dinner. It’s been an emotional day, so feel free to spend the rest of your evening in whatever way you like. Talk to your Tru buds, take a stroll. There’s no right way to feel after such an eye opening experience. You do you.

Phnom Penh
Killing Fields & S21
1 X Breakfast
Day 6

arcadia water park

Expand Icon Contract Icon
Group of young Travellers on River with Kayaks and Jumping Platform
Group of Young Travellers on large River Raft with Diving platform with Palm Trees and blue Sky
Rope Swing into River with large inflatable and over Water Bungalow

It’s day 6 and do you know what that means? No? Of course you don’t. Otherwise you’d be running the trip and we’d be reading this itinerary. Well, we’re off to the riverside town of Kampot, surrounded by stunning mountain views and picturesque scenery, where we’ll stop off at Arcadia Waterpark, a place of lush greenery, cool waters, slushy cocktails, rope swings and pontoons. The perfect place to let your hair down, and spend some quality time with your TruFamily. Because who doesn’t love a chilled afternoon? Y’know, like having a chilled sunbathe on the bank with a cold beer. Or a chilled meander in a kayak. Or a chilled paddle in the cool river. Or a chilled go on the ‘The Blob’, a giant inflatable that flings you into the air, before you crash into the water, lose your bikini bottoms, and emerge, spluttering. Like we said. Chilled.

Water Activities
1 X Breakfast
Day 7

pepper plantations & cooking class

Expand Icon Contract Icon

Today we’re off to a local pepper plantation where we’ll learn everything you need to know about farming the famous Kampot peppers. Will it be fun? You pepper believe it will be! Tell you what, you’ll soon realise you know absolutely nothing about peppers. After that intensive lesson, it’s time to use your newfound pepper knowledge to cook a delicious, traditional Khmer meal, learning from the best in a traditional Cambodian cooking class. Will you be able to get a job as the head chef of a Michelin star restaurant now? Probably not. But you’ve got a tasty, Cambodian meal in your repertoire that’ll blow anyone’s socks off back home. In the evening, we'll make our way in and out of the quaint streets lined by faded blue and green wood shutters, making your way down to the waterside for a dinner overlooking the river. Will it be anywhere near as good as the meal you cooked earlier? We all know the answer to that question.

Pepper Plantations & Cooking Class
1 X Breakfast, 1 X Lunch
Day 8

travel to koh rong

Expand Icon Contract Icon

Imagine this. You’re on a boat, the sun glistening off crystal waters, the cool breeze dancing through your hair. You look up. Your breath catches in your throat as you’re greeted by immaculate, white sands, quaint beach huts and boats bobbing lazily in the bay. You squint. There’s barely a soul for miles bar the occasional friendly local, and the trees that line the beach sway gently as though welcoming you to this secluded paradise.

*Sigh* Dreamy, right? Well, no need to imagine it because that’s you. Today. Check in and spend the afternoon relaxing in hammocks over the ocean, jump on a paddleboard or rent a kayak, get your ass on the famous sea swings for that perfect Insta shot, or lay back on the idyllic beaches, cocktail in hand, watching the sun set over this tranquil island. They say you haven’t seen beauty ‘til you’ve seen this place, and they ain’t (Koh) Rong.

koh rong samloem
Hammocks, snorkeling, relaxation
1 X Breakfast
Day 9

long tail boat ride

Expand Icon Contract Icon

Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Today’s all about getting your chill on. Have a lie in, stroll along the warm sands, seek out a tasty local breakfast from a local vendor. No matter what you fancy doing, this time’s all yours. Island hop along the emerald waters Cambodia style in a traditional longtail boat (an absolute bargain at $10), soak up the rays, top up your tan, and have a pop at a traditional way of fishing. Show off your belly flopping skills, or find your inner Khmer-maid (see what we did there?), snorkel over the vibrant coral, and check out the various marine life that call the warm waters home. Then join the rest of us on a secluded beach for a delicious BBQ lunch. After you’ve eaten, head back to the island, chill, have a few cold beers, cut a few shapes, burst into song and dance and perform every song from the Greatest Showman for your Tru pals. Whatever you fancy. This is your last full day on this incredible island, so savour every. Last. Minute.

koh rong samloem
Long Tail Boat Ride
1 X Breakfast
Day 10

one last night in phnom penh

Expand Icon Contract Icon
skyline over phnom penh cambodia

Today we bid farwell to paradise and the beauty that is Koh Rong! It's been an incredible few days of crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches but it's time to head back to the city for one last BIG night out! We travel by boat and bus and check into our a hotel in Phnom Penh. We'lll have a few hours to chill before we get dressed and head out for the big finale! One last TruFam dinner together! We grab some food and see where the night takes us!

Phnom Penh
Boat and bus from Koh Rong to Phnom Penh
1 X Breakfast
Day 11

chilled check out

Expand Icon Contract Icon

Ah. The final day. *Sniffle* No, you’re crying. Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end and, after an epic 11 days, it’s time to say your goodbyes to your TruFamily and check out of the hotel. If your adventure’s continuing, our Travel Ninjas will be on hand to help with any onward travels plans you have. Fam, bring it in. It’s been unreal.

1 X Breakfast


I really enjoyed my time in Cambodia…
I really enjoyed my time in Cambodia with TruTravels. All the activities and sights were amazing but the true star was Hul our guide. Hul was super helpful from start to Finnish and nothing was a hassle. He kept the party going and made sure we were all safe and well throughout.
customer - Aug 2023
Hul was the perfect host
. He started reaching out well ahead of the trip, and made sure that we had his contact information, as well as walk us through the process of getting there and setting the expectation for when and how we were meeting. He greeted me so warmly at the airport that I instantly felt that I was in really good hands. His warm nature, ready smile and friendliness really set the tone for an excellent vacation. Hul paid special attention to my needs since I have asthma, and those of us who had any illnesses along the road and insured that we were safe and taken care of to the best of his ability. He went out of his way to really make sure that we were not worried about anything happening because he was there ready to take action and make sure that at the end of the day we’re all safe and healthy. The itinerary was full of surprises, great detours along the way that were really excellent and so much fun. Hul made sure to address our needs and if we wanted to do something special, he was there ready to help us either Find it, or bring it to us. His enthusiasm throughout the whole entire journey, which I cannot imagine matching myself, was really incredible. He was always full of energy, even when he was tired because we were a very large group to handle and it was a really long time on the road together. The itinerary was really a lot of fun, we had a lot of activities, as well as some time to just do our own thing and rest, and just explore, which was a really good mixture, and a good balance for the type of vacation that I like. And I especially enjoyed the visit to his village and meeting local people and family, and seeing how local people live and work and sharing food with us is a very precious memory to me. I wanted to eat duck and compare duck that I had in Beijing with the duck in Cambodia. Hul went out of his way to bring me to his favorite place where we got the best duck I have ever tasted, and as we ate together, he was telling me all about How that place came up with the recipe, how it was cooked and the story behind the meal that we were eating, and it is such a fond memory for me, that I had the ability to share that moment with him and you cannot have this type of experience with anyone else who doesn’t love what he does, as well as doesn’t love and appreciate his country. I got to experience Cambodia through the eyes of a local, who not only knows his country, but also loves it very much, and shared that love with us, which is very unique, and one of the reasons why I like Trutravel and the experience that they offer. There are so many wonderful moments to talk about that it would take pages and pages for me to detail all of it, but all I can say, is that Trutravel is really lucky to have found such an incredible human being and guide like Hul. The way he took care of us Was as if we were each and everyone of us part of his family. I’m grateful to now have a little brother in Cambodia, that I cherish very much, and I wish him every success with Trutravel, and I really hope that this agency cherishes him, his expertise, and what he brings to the table. I don’t think this it would’ve been what it was without Hul. Much love! Ari
Ari Walker - Aug 2023
Hul made it unforgettable
Cambodia August 2023. Wow, wow, wow! This is my fourth TruTravels tour and Hul might be the best tour guide I’ve had yet! He was so helpful before the tour. His communication was amazing, always explaining the plan and happy to listen to all our questions, no matter how silly there were. Having a local guide was of course so beneficial and he talks about his country with pride and knowledge. It also made transport easy and we knew exactly how to respect the locals. I have left knowing so much and wanting to come back. He was caring towards us all- helping people when they were ill and making sure everyone had food options or got home safely at the end of a night. His smile was infectious and everyone could see his enthusiasm and fun side on a night out. Other people were jealous that we always were having so much fun. He made sure we were all happy and helped to bond us as a group. I loved that we had the countryside experience where we were able to meet his family and see the real Cambodia. It made it so much more rewarding and special to be welcomed into his family. The rest of the itinerary was well planned and we really had a great mix of culture, relaxation and fun. I’ll never forget our time explore Angkor Wat, the Kampot water park and our time on the island. I couldn’t recommend this tour and Hul more!
S S - Aug 2023
Incredible tour
The Cambodia explorer tour was amazing. Highlights included S21 and the killing fields, the island trip and the cooking class. The tour was perfectly balanced with enough activities during the day and also time to relax or go out at night. Hul was the most amazing tour guide and became one of the my best friends on the trip. He was able to help with every single issue. He is funny and so much fun to be around. I miss him already so much. A beautiful country other amazing food.
Yanna - Jun 2023
Best tour of Cambodia EVERRR!!
I wasn’t sure what to expect because I hadn’t heard a lot about Cambodia outside of Angkor Wat. I learned more and had so much more fun than I could’ve expected. My guide, Mr.Hul, was super knowledgeable and always in positive spirits, helping us all have fun and enjoy our time. The places we saw were incredible, and the timeline of everything worked so well. I’m so grateful for my experience and am already looking to book another TruTravels trip with my friends next summer!
Kayla - Jun 2023
My 11day Cambodia tour was amazing with…
My 11day Cambodia tour was amazing with such an awesome tour leader Hul Vong his such bubbly guy with so much knowledge of Cambodia experiencing with him and the group was a blast. Sunrise at Angkor wat was the highlight of the trip for with its rich history after that the night life in Cambodia is wild and fun . The food here is so tasty and luckily Hul would recommend the best dishes to try. The tour itself is the perfect balance between culture and partying. Thanks to mr Hul making it the perfect tour
Ray Miah - Jun 2023
Beautiful Cambodia
This Cambodia experience was an incredible way to see the highlights of this beautiful country whilst immersing yourself in the local culture and countryside! The highlight of this trip would have been the pure generosity and kindness of our tour leader, Mr Hul. He was extremely well informed about each historical monument and town we went to, answering any questions the group had. He also did not hesistate to help anyone in need and involved the whole group in all the activities. Alongside all this he helped each of us learn bits of Khmer, introduced us to his beautiful family home and made sure at the end of the day we were safe and sound (especially if we had been drinking!). He really was the glue that helped bond this amazing group! Although as a solo traveler I was previously skeptical about coming to Cambodia, I now know how beautiful the people are and how safe this country is. I’ll definitely be back soon!
Georgia H - Jun 2023
10/10 Cambodia tour with amazing tour guide Mr Hul ⭐️
Hul could not have been a better tour guide around Cambodia! From day one he helped the group to bond and have fun, and he always made us feel safe. He taught us so much about his culture and welcomed us into his family home which was such a special, once in a lifetime experience. Hul had so much energy and really made the tour so special for all of us, he went above and beyond to make sure we were always safe and having fun. I could not recommend this tour enough - it was amazing to see sunrise at Siem Reap, Phnom Penh has a lot of important history and Kampot was beautiful. For me the highlight of the tour was Koh Rong Samloem, the group had made such a good bond and we had so much fun chilling, swimming and partying on the island together. Thank you Hul for always making us laugh, you are a 10/10 tour leader ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kate Smart - Jun 2023


Where does the trip start & Finish?

The trip begins in Siem Reap and ends in Phnom Penh.

Which airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to fly into Siem Reap international airport (REP).

What is the closest airport to the end destination?

The closest airport is Phnom Penh international airport (PNH).

What kind of accommodation is included on this trip?

The accommodation for this trip is a mainly twin share rooms but dorm rooms in Koh Rong.

How much is a pre night’s accommodation?

If you would like to book a pre-night please contact our sales team on info@trutravels.com.

What is the currency?

The original currency of Cambodia is Riel however the currency which is withdrawn and used in every part of Cambodia is actually USD.

Is my money protected?

Yep! You will never lose your money. You’re protected. TruTravels is both ABTA and ATOL registered meaning your money is safe. We also offer 1 free date change before 60 days of your departure date.

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