Tour Impact Extra Information

Want to know more about the impact each tour has? You've come to the right place!

Ripple Scores


Obviously when we bring you on tour we want you to have the most AMAZING time but we also want to make sure our tours are having a positive impact on the local communities and ensure that these benefits stay local too! We want to be completely transparent with you and show you how our tours are having an impact in the local communities. We now have a ripple score on each of our tours sites to show you what percentage of the money you spend on tours stays local to the places you visit. The higher the score the more money stays in the local community. For our newer tours and tours with lower scores we are activiely working towards increasing their ripple score as much as possible.

There are some tours with no ripple score at the moment and that is beacause these tours are new. We don't want to make up a score or greenwash so we are holding back these socres until we know for sure what the ripple score is. We'll be uploading these regularly to make sure we are always giving you the most accurate information.



Trees Planted


Trees..who doesn't love a good tree! Here at Tru we have put alot of focus on replanting trees and once again making sure we have a good impact on our incredible planet. We have a tree planting score on every tour we run so you know how many trees we plant per booking. For every £1000 spent we plant 5 trees! To check out our tree planting and to see the impact they are having check out our ecologi page.



Carbon Offset


Carbon Offset refers to how many tons of carbon we offset from all the travel, accommodation and activities that every single customer uses when they join one of our amazing trips. A Carbon offset is a way businesses can compensate for thier emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere which would have otherwise had a harmful effect on the environment. We also aim to set limits and cut the amount of carbon our tours consume.



Tour Impact


We’ve scored each tour and supplier in our network on business practise, green efficiency, carbon footprint and plastic use. The higher the score, the more this tour and the suppliers we use have a positive impact on the environment and the local people. Some of the ways we do this by introducing more water refill stations across our suppliers, using more local suppliers where the money goes back into the community instead of big corporations and using less single use plastic during the tour. We are continuously working with the teams and suppliers to do our best improve these scoresWe will be working hard to improve these scores and we will update these scores as our tour impact improves.





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