We are a company run by backpackers for backpackers and from our own experiences we know what makes a good trip, so we just keep making them better for you.

We do not like the word ‘tour’ we would prefer to use the word ‘experience’ as our trips are not run like any others out there. Unlike most of our competitors who design and plan their trips from an office in London, Sydney or Toronto (based mainly on profit margin), we create ours from the ground, in the country that the trip will run in based on what makes the best experience for you.  Our trips are run to feel like you are travelling with a group of friends: one of them just happens to know where they are going, all the good places to go, how to save money and most importantly how to stay safe when travelling solo in an unfamiliar country. We pick you up from the airport on your arrival and we take care of your first steps in your new surroundings as we unload a wealth of information that really will make a huge difference on your travels.

Not only that, our trips are relaxed, fun and care free – you are all adults and it’s your holiday. We will never make you do anything you don’t want to, we provide an itinerary and your group leader facilitate as much fun as you can handle but you are always free to opt in or out of any activities. There’s no flag waving or school trip type behavior. We are a bunch of fun loving, young travellers on a life changing adventure. When you travel with us you automatically join the TruFam and that means we will do all that is humanly possible to ensure your travel experience is one of, if not the best time of your life, not just whilst you are with us but the whole time you are travelling in South East Asia.

The Best Guides

We firmly believe that you deserve the best of both worlds… Local guides who have been brought up in your chosen country to give you a real cultural experience as well as a western group leader; an experienced traveller who has been exactly where you are right now and has already earned their backpacker stripes and can pass down valuable information.

Travel like a local

We know how important it is to you to travel like you would if we were not there. That’s why we use local transport such as taxi’s, tuk tuk’s, buses, trains and boats on all of our trips rather than our own branded air-conditioned buses. You would not get the real experience of travelling if you did – you would be more like a tourist. From having travelled our own routes several times as backpackers, we know when is best to ride local transport and when a  bit of comfort is needed.

SOS Line

All TruTravellers will be able to use our SOS service which allows you to lean on us for any help and advice whilst you are away in South East Asia. A great home away from home which keeps the worried parents minds at rest knowing you have someone looking out for you. We can assist with general enquiries such as ‘where is good to go out in your area’ or the more important ones such has helping you report lost or stolen goods, passports or even activate travel insurance.

Best Quality & Value Trips Around

Unlike many trips sold by the big operators, our trips are designed by backpackers for backpackers who’s priority is delivering the most awesome experience humanly possible. Not by some guy/gal in an office in London who is only looking as costs and profit margins. We do not compromise on quality, we have all been exactly where you are now and know exactly what we would have wanted to do as first or second time travellers to Asia. Our itineraries include a variety of activities and destinations (some hot spots and some hidden gems) and our trips are some of the best priced and without a doubt the highest quality out there. Just have a look at our reviews online to see for yourself.

Meet the Coolest People

Imagine a group of 15-25  18 – 30 Somethings from all over the world joining together for epic adventures through amazing destinations. Yes please!

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