Buckle up because we're about to dive into the art of turning regular weekends and public holidays into a year of legendary escapades. Get ready to make 2024 your year of adventure! We know holidays are important! It's crucial to switch off and really take time for yourself. Whether you want to spend your holidays with friends, family or on an adventure of a lifetime around the world this is the guide for 2024 to maximise your holiday time and get the longest time off as possible in 2024.


One of the first steps in maximising your holiday time is to sync your personal calendar with the list of public holidays. Identify holidays that fall on or near weekends, creating potential long weekends for extended breaks. This way, you can enjoy a more extended vacation without sacrificing too many holiday days.





Down under, we've got a mix of state and national public holidays. The trick? Spotting the ones that cosy up to weekends. These are the golden tickets to extended vacation time – mark them in your calendar asap! Annual leave isn't just time off; it's a vacation weapon. Picture this: a mid-week public holiday. Now, throw in a cheeky day of annual leave before or after, and voila – you've just created a supercharged four-day weekend.


There are some other things to bare in mind too! Your workplace might be hiding some ninja moves in its policies. Compensatory time or flexi-options? Learn the rules of the game and leverage them to your advantage.


Also a holiday without a plan is like a roller coaster with no track. Deck out your calendar with public holidays, planned leave, and come up with a list of dream activities and bucket list locations. Then hop on our tour page and check out the tour that would best suit your holiday duration, preferences and of course budget1! Seeing your adventure laid out is the first step to making it a reality and having a plan allows you to relax so much more!


Equally, if your job has a remote work option, why not turn your mundane desk into a beachside oasis? Clock in from a different location and make 'working holiday' your new mantra. Companies evolve, and so do their policies. Stay ahead of the curve. New policies might unlock fresh opportunities for more downtime or different ways to use your leave.


We hope this helps! Holidays are so crucial and we want you to make 2024 your best year yet! It’s time to see the world - it's going to be a great year! Turn those weekends and public holidays into your personal playground. Life's an adventure, and it's time to live it to the fullest!






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