From bucket list activities to boot camps on the beach. Our FitVentures range balances adventure, fitness and wellness, meaning you don’t have to choose just one. A combination of activities focused around health and well-being whilst still maximizing the adventure in every destination we visit in typical Tru style. Who says you can’t have fun and be healthy at the same time?

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Do I need to be super fit to do a Fitventures trip?

Although FitVentures are fitness and active trips, all workouts and activities can be tailored to your fitness level, meaning they can be as hard or as easy as you like. If you’re looking to challenge yourself go for it, if you’re looking to have fun with it, all good too!

What kind of workouts are on a Fitventures trip?

From beachfront boot camp sessions to climbing volcanoes for sunrise, FitVentures have combined the very best activities in our destinations whilst working on your overall health and fitness. The workouts can range from Muay Thai classes, paddleboarding, surf lessons, hiking viewpoints and cycling around paradise!

Do I have to participate in every work out / activity?

The workouts are there to be enjoyed, but if you’re not feeling it one day it’s no problem. The workouts and activities are at your own pace and it’s a personal choice if and how much you want to push yourself. So if you want to take a breather, no problem!

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