VIP - Terms & Conditions

TruTravels VIP Club Terms & Conditions

1. General VIP Club conditions

a) VIP Club membership & status is gained by days TRAVELLED on tour.

b) You must have travelled with us to earn your “days”.

c) Days booked to travel in the future will not be recognised until the full duration of your tour has been completed.

d) By participating in the VIP Club you agree that the days we have on file for you are correct.

e) TruTravels reserves the rights to remove participants from the VIP club.

f) Any member of the VIP Club who travels with TruTravels agrees to our standard booking conditions which can be found HERE.

g) Discounts must be used on full priced tours

2. Yearly Travel Vouchers / Bring a Friend Vouchers

a) As part of our VIP Club you will receive a travel voucher every year for either £50, £100, £150 or £250 determined by your status in the club.

b) Vouchers can be issued in other currencies. Exchange rate will be set by TruTravels.

c) Vouchers and discounts can be used together

d) Vouchers are only valid for members of the VIP club.

e) Vouchers can only be redeemed via booking with our sales team and not online through our website.

f) Voucher must be redeemed in the same year of issue.

g) Vouchers can not be carried over into another year.

h) Only one VIP club voucher can be used per tour booking.

i) Vouchers can not be used as tour deposits. They can only be used to pay off tour balances after a deposit has been placed.

j) Bring a friend voucher can only be used when a friend is booked on the same tour/date as you.

k) We reserve the right to cancel the bring a friend voucher should you friend cancel or not the pay the balance of the tour.

3. Travel Vouchers Monthly Prize Draw

a) TruTravels will randomly choose one VIP Club member to win £250 Travel Vouchers every month.

b) Winner will be announced monthly in our VIP Club email.

c) Travel vouchers are unable to be exchanged for cash and are non transferabble.

d) Travel Vouchers must be used within one year of issue.

4. Private Room Upgrade

a) VIP Club Members on Legends & MVPs status will receive private room upgrades where possible.

5. Free tours for life

a) The first person to reach our MVP staus will recieve one free tour every year.

b) Tour is non transferrable.

c) Any unclaimed tours cannot be rolled over to the following year.

d) Private room upgrade cannot be combined with the free tour

6. Free Pre-nights Per Trip

a) Those who have travelled over 100 days are eligible for one free pre-night per tour booked. These cannot be backdated onto trips that are already booked.

b) This is subject to avaliabilty of pre-night accomodation.

c) This is not excahngable for monetary value.



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