We believe it is extremely important for us to share our ethos so you can get a TRU idea on our vision for our company and what direction we are going in.

TruTravels’ mission statement is:

To give people the time of their lives, by creating the best group travel experiences which truly benefit all those involved. To do what we love whilst meeting new people, guiding and educating them on the safest, most ethical and sustainable ways to travel. To use our business as a force for good that leverages the travel industries huge potential to alter perspectives and address issues of inequality, business ethics, social and environmental responsibility.

The travel industry is one of the largest in the world, directly and indirectly accounting for around 1 in 10 jobs worldwide and for around 1 in $10 spent annually around the globe. Perhaps even more surprisingly, of this massive global industry, the youth travel market is estimated to make up around 25%. That’s the one we are in! With the growth of this segment far outpacing all others and not expected to slow down soon, it is extremely important that all the players in the industry, both big and small, realise the importance of acting responsibly and also the huge potential now presented to do amazing things that will truly make a difference. By doing travel right, educating our travelers and making sure we are giving back to the communities where we travel, having as little impact on the environment as possible, and using the revenue generated to address inequality through ethical development projects like education, clean water and sustainable farming, we have the power to make the world a better place from both sides of the wealth divide.