Ahoy! Are you ready to embark on a trip like no other this summer? Croatia is calling! With its shimmering blue waters, ancient cities FULL of history (and GOT sets) and of course a coastline full of stunning islands. But why settle for the ordinary Croatia trip when you can level up and see so much more in 8 days? Here's why sailing Croatia is the ultimate way to experience this breathtaking destination:



Freedom to Explore: When you set sail in Croatia on this epic European Island hopping tour, you're not just exploring one destination – you're see SO. MUCH. MORE. With the wind in your sails and the open sea stretching out before you, with a beer in your hand you'll feel like you can conquuer the world! Why settle for a small itinerary when you can get so much more from your week in Croatia. Blend stunning seaside towns and harbours like Hvar with the old city of Dubrovnik! You can have your aperol and drink it in Croatia! Oh come on...let us have that one...





Amazing Views EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! : From the towering cliffs of Omiš to the sun-drenched beaches of Hvar, every moment spent on deck offers an amazing view and the perfect photo opportunity. Long gone are the days where you pray you have a nice view from your hotel window... Whether you're cruising past ancient walled cities or anchoring in a tranquil bay surrounded by pine forests, the views from the water are nothing short of spectacular. And as the sun sets over the Adriatic, with a beer in your hand looking out onto the horizon, you'll find yourself falling in love with Croatia. The only downside...you'll never want to leave!





Hidden Gems: While Croatia's coastal cities may steal the spotlight, some of its most enchanting treasures are hidden away on its smaller islands and secluded coves. When you sail you have access to hidden gems, like Mljet National park, that are off the beaten path. Spots like this are so special and untouched you will feel like you are the only ones there. It's moments like that when you are cycling around a stunning lake that you will be so glad you chose to island hop around Croatia!





Total Relaxation: Forget about crowded buses and crazy, packed schedules – when you're sailing Croatia, relaxation is perfectly balanced with a crazy good time and activites. Spend your days basking in the warm Mediterranean sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic before finding some epic bars to explore when the sun goes down! Whether you're lounging on top deck with a good book, trying to get the perfect shot of the insane surroundings or enjoying a home-cooked Croatian meal with your new best friends, there's no better way to unwind and have a proper escape than on a sailing adventure.





Bonding with the TruFam: There's something about sharing a sailing adventure that creates friendships like no other! Whether you're swapping stories with your shipmates over a bottle of wine or dancing the night away under the stars, sailing Croatia is a journey like no other! From sunset sails to hidden beach bars, every moment spent with your the epic group is a chance to create memories that you'll cherish for years to come.





If you're ready to experience the magic of Croatia in a whole new way, grab your sunscreen, pack your bucket hat, and set sail for the journey of a lifetime. With the wind in your hair and your phone connected to the boat's bluetooth, there's no telling where your Croatian adventure will take you. You'll be having sunset beers before you know it!




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