beach cleans around the world

As massive fans of Planet Earth, we've made it a personal mission to leave the countries we operate in better than we found them. One place especially close to our hearts are the beaches!


One of our TruColours is to educate on

sustainable travel

and since day one sustainability has been deep-rooted in our ethos and has shaped how we operate and how our trips have developed.


A vast majority of ocean pollution and plastic originates in five countries (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China and Indonesia) - four of which we operate in. This puts us in a unique position of seeing first-hand the devastating effect this has on the beaches, reefs, and beautiful islands that we love so much.


To combat this and do as much as we can to leave the beaches in better shape than we found them, we have organized numerous beach cleans on our own (both on- and off-tour) in addition to joining beach cleans with awesome organizations like Trash Hero and Ocean Mimic who have scheduled events around SE Asia.


What first started as post-Full Moon Party beach cleans in 2014 has evolved into coordinated beach cleans by our TruFam and travellers in as many as nine countries throughout the year. When on tour, ask your Travel Ninja for more information on the next organized event in that area - and if you come on one of our tours where there is an on-tour beach clean, make sure to join in and help us keep our oceans clean!









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