This initiative started by Mad Monkey Hostels and The Cambodian Buddhist Association for Vulnerable children is doing a fantastic job of building wells in Rural Cambodia for villages and families who otherwise would not have access to clean water. When we found out that it only costs $230 to build a well which gives 50 people a clean water supply, we decided that we had to help. Think about it, most of us can use a bit of plastic to withdraw more than this from an ATM at almost any time and there are many people in the very countries we travel through who need but can not raise this amount of money to provide their children with water!! For every group of 10+ members that we run in Cambodia we will donate the money to build a new well. This means if we are running 3 groups of 10+ per month, we will build 36 wells which will provide water to 1800 people, that’s pretty cool. Here’s a link to San Van, the president of CBAVC, a Buddhist Monk and all round top bloke, explaining a bit more about what they do.