Giving back in Cambodia

The Cambodian Buddhist Association for Vulnerable children is doing a fantastic job of building wells in rural Cambodia for villages and families who otherwise would not have access to clean water. When we found out that it only costs $230 to build a well which gives 50 people a clean water supply, we knew that we had to help.


Think about it...most of us can use a bit of plastic to withdraw more than this from an ATM at almost any time and there are countless people in the very countries we travel in who can't afford to provide their families with clean water. Over the past several years we have donated funds to build over 15 wells through CBAVC, supplying water to over 750 people in the Siem Reap area who otherwise wouldn't have clean water. Last December our staff from around the world came together in Siem Reap as part of our 2019 Christmas Mission and built a couple wells ourselves!





We will continue to build wells in Cambodia and raise our donations as our pax numbers in Cambodia increase. So you know if you book a Cambodia Tru tour, a portion of the proceeds tour cost will be going back into the local communities and supplying water to those in need.




 Watch the video below to learn more about CBAVC from San Van, a Buddhist Monk and the president of CBAVC.










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