Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Airport Pick Up

Touch down in Lombok airport and we’ll be there to meet you as soon you arrive, or if you're getting the boat over from Bali, we’ll see you at our lovely resort. Enjoy the afternoon by the pool soaking up the sun before dinner & drinks with your group.

Kuta, Lombok
Airport Pick Up


Today we immerse ourselves in Indonesian culture & customs at a local Sasak Village, where we are taught traditional weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation. Following the village, we will visit some absolutely spectacular waterfalls on a trek through the jungle. After a fun-filled day, we'll head back to our hotel to freshen up before heading back for dinner with your travel buddies.

Kuta, Lombok
Visit Sasak Village & Waterfalls
1x Breakfast
Green trees with waterfall running down in Lombok Indonesia
Group of travellers stood in front of waterfalls surrounded by green trees


Time for a beach day! We spend the day on a ‘beach hop’ as we journey along the southern coastline to visit some stunning and remote beaches (you'll never want to leave!) There’s a chance to grab a board and practise your surf skills or plenty of time to enjoy a coconut & top up your tan, before heading back to our amazing hotel for a fun evening with the group.

Kuta, Lombok
Visit 2 beautiful beaches
1x Breakfast


This morning we'll pack up our bags and set off via bus then a ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa, our next destination to the east. Upon arriving in the afternoon, you have the rest of the day to relax & recharge by the pool or chill on the beach.

Sumbawa Besar
Bus & Ferry to Sumbawa Besar
1x Breakfast


We catch a boat over to the gorgeous Moyo Island for an amazing day, getting 'off the beaten track,' exploring waterfalls & beaches on this picturesque island. A local guide will show us hotspots as well as the hidden gems the island has to offer. We'll stop off for a delicious local lunch before getting the boat back to our beach huts on Sumbawa. Get your cameras at the ready as the sunsets here are seriously breathtaking!
Once we're back enjoy sitting around a bonfire on the beach or chilling out with the group to catch up on today's fun events.

Moyo, Sumbawa Besar
Explore Island & Waterfalls
1x Breakfast


Today we set sail for the Komodo Islands on our private liveaboard boat. The boat is basic but has been said to be the highlight of the trip thanks to the incredible views and stops we make throughout the next couple days. The first part of our voyage sees us stopping off at Satonda Island for snorkelling and a dip in the salt lake crater. Enjoy a delicious meal on deck as we watch the sunset and settle in for our first night at sea.

Liveaboard Boat
Satonda Island
1x (B) 1x (L) 1x (D)


Wake up this morning to the most incredible views at sea with breakfast served on board, before climbing to the secluded viewpoint on Gili Lawa. Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters to cool off before returning to the boat and sailing to Manta Point. Here we will have the chance to snorkel amongst the gentle giant manta rays before spending the afternoon relaxing on Pink Beach. We then finish a jam-packed day by trekking up to the stunning viewpoint on Padar Island for sunset - a moment you'll never forget!

Liveaboard Boat
Gili Lawa Viewpoint, Manta Ray Snorkelling, Pink Beach, Padar Island
1x (B) 1x (L) 1x (D)


Today it's time to explore Komodo Island in search of dragons. We’re guided around the island by the local rangers who explain everything you need to know about these prehistoric creatures. Our journey then continues east as our time aboard draws to a close. Say our farewells to the Capt & Crew before checking in to our beautiful resort in Labuan Bajo, Flores and enjoy a farewell dinner and drinks with the group.

Labuan Bajo
Komodo Island
1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch


Today is checkout day. It’s time to say your farewells & either relax on Flores for a while longer, or travel on to your next destination which we can help you arrange.

Loads of help with onward travel, Support the whole time you're in SE Asia.
1x Breakfast
two men sat in pool bed with black hats on cheersing with beers
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