Latin America Deals!

Yep! That's right, huge savings across Costa Rica and Colombia! Time to live that adventure life you've been craving. Whether you fancy zipling through the emerald jungles of Costa Rica or experiencing the rich history and magic of Colombia. You can grab that bucket list adventure with TruTravels. Perhaps you fancy trekking to the most stunning viewpoints in Peru? Or spending your days with tequila, fiestas and tacos in Mexico! C'mon it's only right you treat yourself to an unforgettable, life changing, best trip of your god damn life!


2024 is going to be an epic year - don't just wait for the adventure to start, plan it now and ensure that YOU are the envy of all your friends!


Can you hear that? It's the sound of you living your best life in Latin America surrounded by a whole bunch of TruTravellers.
The only thing stopping you? Not saying yes...




Not seeing any deals for Latin America? Contact our sales team on to find out about some last minute latin american deals we might have!

Location Pin Navy Icon Region
Costa Rica Adventure - 10 Days 01 Aug 2024 01 Aug 2024
U$1,850 U$1,480
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Mexico Yucatán Experience - 11 Days 11 Aug 2024 11 Aug 2024
U$2,245 U$1,572
View Trip
Costa Rica Adventure - 10 Days 03 Oct 2024 03 Oct 2024
U$1,850 U$1,480
View Trip
Mexico Yucatán Experience - 11 Days 06 Oct 2024 06 Oct 2024
U$2,245 U$1,796
View Trip
Colombia Uncovered - 12 Days 13 Oct 2024 13 Oct 2024
U$2,345 U$1,876
View Trip
There's no big savings at the moment for the options you have chosen...
Maybe try changing your selection of countries, dates or price range!!!

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