Colombia Uncovered

Picture this: stunning hidden beaches, colourful cobblestoned cities, lush jungles, and a hybrid of old and new culture all in one incredible 12-day group trip! Immerse yourself in Medellin’s notorious history, wander through streets laced with colourful art and travel the famous escalators into Communa 13. Take in Colombia’s natural beauty from the top of El Penol Rock, get your coffee fix at a local coffee farm while learning about the coffee industry. Swap the city life and head deep into the jungle in search of Marinka waterfall, surrounded by unique wildlife and immense mountains! Make a splash island hopping and riding the waves of the Caribbean - a water babies’ paradise. Cap off your adventure taking in the colonial architecture of Cartagena Old Town over a sunset cocktail.

When we say classic, we mean the perfect balance of culture, adventure, beaches and parties. High number of inclusions, low cost. Tru-ly authentic experiences from home-stays & hostels to beach huts, hotels and boats. A classic tour means maximum adventure, minimum hassle. Built for backpackers by backpackers.

What's Included

Airport Pickup
(Up to two days before tour)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included Flight to SANTA MARTA Privat Van Transfer Speedboat Transfer

11 Nights Accommodation Twin & Dorm Rooms Island Hostel Experience

Medellin City Tour Communa 13 Street Art Isla Roots Private Island Getaway Cartagena Old Town
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Bucket List
Communa 13 Street Art
Isla Roots Hostel
El Pino Rock
Medellin City Tour

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Day 1

Airport Pick Up

Bienvenida! Welcome to Colombia! You’ve made it! Arrive any time at Jose Maria Córdova International Airport where we’ll pick you up. We already know you’re a legend because you’re joining a TruTravels tour so high fives at the ready! Our super cool Travel Ninja will take you to our hotel in Medellin. Chill out, relax, chillax before we meet up later for a bite to eat and some welcome drinks! Limonada de cocos all round!

Enjoy reading our Colombia Travel Guide to help you prepare for your Colombia travels.

Airport Pick Up
Day 2

Medellin History And City Tour

It’s our second day and we’re throwing ourselves straight into Colombian culture as we explore Medellin! What better way to see the city than a city tour! Obviously. Medellin has transformed dramatically over the recent years to become one of the most popular cities to visit in South America! Go, Medellin! We’re heading over to the once-notorious Comuna 13, once known for being one of the most dangerous communities in the world, It has been completely transformed with famous street art paving the way for tourism today. Medellin’s rich city heritage can still be felt here but the lively neighbourhood and vibrant streets make it what it is today. Could we really walk past giant murals and not get a snap for the gram? Absolutely not! It’s a spectacle you’re gonna wanna remember! After an epic day, it’s time to grab dinner and drinks! Hey, we’ve done a lot of walking today so a beer or 6 are well deserved!


Medellin City Tour, Communa 13
1x Lunch
Day 3

Guatapé and Coffee Farm

Wake up and grab a world-famous Colombian coffee, you’re going to need it! We’re starting the day by climbing 650 stairs up to El Penol Rock. We know what you’re thinking ‘That’s your exercise done for the month’. But the view from the top is next level, it’s unbelievable (that’s if you make it of course) but it’s one not to be missed! Afterwards, we head to Guatape, Colombia’s most colourful town and an Instagram hotspot for all of you who love a pic for the gram. Next, we head to a local coffee farm. The coffee industry is vital to the local community and it’s the country’s biggest export! Yes, it’s coffee..So get stuck in, learn about how they’re made, even try a cuppa or 2. It’s a brew-tiful day!

Climb El Penol Rock, Visit Guatapé, Local Coffee Farm
1 x Breakfast, 1x Lunch
Colourful building green motorbike in Colombia
Day 4

Fly To Santa Marta

Alexa play WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Today we’re swapping city life for the jungle! We catch a midday flight to Santa Marta where we’ll be for the next couple of nights! We stay at a funky quirky hostel, so spend some time chilling by the pool, challenge your fellow TruTraveller to a competitive game of snooker (loser buys the find round of course) or just take in the 10/10 good vibes. Santa Marta is a big backpacker area so the atmosphere is pretty lively! You know what that means.. We’re going out!

Santa Marta
Flight & Transfers
1 x Breakfast
Day 5

Minca Jungle & Waterfalls

Breathtaking views? Stunning scenery? Oh, go on then! Today we jump aboard Jeeps for the day and head deep into the Colombian Jungle to Minca. Wildlife, waterfalls and one hell of an experience! Minca is a nature lover's paradise, we really do take you off the beaten track and show you the hidden gems Colombia has to offer here. Spend the day bathing in Minca’s waterfall, grab your camera’s and get some shots of the local wildlife that are living harmoniously here or hang off the jeep, wild Thornberry style. It’s a beauty here alright! Next up, we head towards the mountains where we spend the afternoon relaxing in giant hammocks at Sierra Minca. Sit back, watch the world go by as you look out into some of the best views of Colombia.. Treat yourself to a cocktail or 2 if you fancy it!

Santa Marta
Marinka Waterall & Sierra Minca
1 x Lunch
Day 6

Beach Chill Day

We’ve hit up the city, we’ve driven through the jungle in jeeps. Next stop THE BEACH! From now on, call us Mr Worldwide. We’re doing it all! We’re heading to white sandy beaches lined with coconut palm trees. Paradise at it’s finest. Of course, we travel in style and stay at arguably the plushest hostel in the country - Viajero Tayrona which has it’s very own private beach. Backpackers? Nah, call us Flashpackers today. Sip on a cocktail at the beach bar, play a game of beach volleyball with the TruCrew and make the most of the hostel’s facilities before we freshen up. Tonight, it’s beers and bonfires on the beach! We can’t promise someone won’t bring out a drunken guitar singalong, but hey you’re on holiday. Try and join in…

Viajero Tayrona
Day 7


Did you know seawater is scientifically proven to cure hangovers? Ok maybe we made that up but today we’re catching waves!! Shaka’s up, swimming costumes at the ready, let's go surfing TruFam! Today we’re taking a morning surf lesson in the cool Caribbean sea. It’s a hard life aye! Whether you’re a 10/10 pro or the on the surfing you’ve even done is surfing the web, it’s a great morning and a must-do in Colombia! In the afternoon, it’s time to relax. Whatever you fancy doing, the afternoon is yours. Take a stroll on the beach, challenge everybody to a game of beach volleyball or top up that tan! Ultimate beach babe vibes.

Viajero Tayrona
Surf Lesson & Volleyball
1x breakfast
Day 8

Travel To Cartagena

It’s an early start today so enjoy a spot of breakfast before we head down the coast to Cartagena! We spend most of the day on the road, so don’t forget to download that R’n’B 90’s playlist you love so bad or make sure Friends is downloaded on Netflix to watch offline. Don’t do technology? Us either..(We’re just trying to stay down with the kids) Spend the day staring out at the spectacular views Colombia has to offer! In the evening we head out to Old Town Cartagena for drinks as we watch the sun go down. Will it be worth the wait? It’s SUN-believable ;)

Transfer to Cartagena
1x Breakfast
Day 9

Private Island Getaway

The highlight of the trip! Today we jump aboard a boat and head for Islas De San Bernado, a group of islands just 2 hours away from Cartagena! Spend the next few nights on a private island set deep in the mangroves overlooking the Caribbean sea. Isla Roots! A small eco-friendly hostel situated in the middle of paradise. You won’t want to leave. Spend the rest of the day you please, go water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking! Or if your balance isn’t that great, hire a paddleboard and lay out drifting away as all of life’s distant problems melt away. *Try one of the hostel’s famous cocktails, they're not only delicious but one of the reasons backpackers head here!*

Isla Roots
Transfer to Private Island
Day 10

Island Hopping Adventure

What is a TruTravels trip without a little island hopping? Today we’re heading off the beaten path on our very own private boat for a Caribbean island-hopping extravaganza! Take in the crystal clear waters, the white sandy beaches as we jump from island to island stopping to snorkel and swim. The waters warm, the sun is shining, nothing but good vibes and good company. We know, we’re cute. We visit the most densely populated island in the world Santa Cruz del Islote, home to 500 people with an island size the same as a football pitch. Crazy right? We stop off at the tranquil but beautiful Tintipán Island home to some of the world’s most exotic birds! It’s a hoot! We even stop off at Murcura coral island, a secret paradise in Colombia. But lucky for you.. We’re in the know ;) Picture perfect.

Isla Roots
Island Hopping Boat Trip
Day 11

Cartagena Old Town

Goodbye Island life, we miss you already. Grab breakfast before we head back to the mainland and check back into our hotel in Cartagena. It’s our last full day together so take a few hours off to chill out. Recharge those batteries and freshen up before we head out OUT for our last night on the town together as TruFam! We head into Old Town Cartagena, It’s full of rich history and culture, vibrant street life and 10/10 delicious food. Watch the sun go down, cocktail in hand and take in the surrounding you’re in. Could you get any better last night? Someone get the Guaro! *That’s a famous Colombia alcoholic shot, by the way* Guaro! Guaro! Guaro!

Transfer To Cartagena
Day 12


Today is the end of our trip and it’s been a WILD one TruFam! Your Travel Ninja is on hand to help with any onward travel plans you may have. Hey if you’re so sad you just need a hug, they’re there for that too. We don't do goodbye’s very well so let's just say see you later, In a while crocodile. Hasta luego!

help with onward travel
A group photo drinking cocktails at the pool in Pai Northern Thailand
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Trips Departure Dates


Where does the trip start & finish?

The trip starts in Medellin and finishes in Cartagena.

Which airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to fly into Jose Maria Córdova International Airport, airport code MDE.

What is the closest airport to the end destination?

Rafael Núñez International Airport, airport code CTG.

How do I get back to the start destination and is this included in the price?

You can fly from Cartagena back to Medellin. However, Cartagena's main airport is international - Rafael Núñez International Airport, airport code CTG.

What kind of accommodation is included on this trip?

The accommodation is a mixture of dormitories & twin beds.

How much is a pre-night accommodation?

Pre-night accommodation is £50 per night

What is the currency?

The currency used in Colombia is Colombian Peso.

What visa do I need for Colombia?

You do not need a visa to enter Colombia for the duration of this trip. You are given permission to stay for 3 months upon arrival.

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