Latin America Tours - From Mexico to Peru

Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Colombia



From Costa Rica's hotsprings and night safari to the incredible Rainbow Mountains in Peru there is so much to see and you won't want to miss any of it! Picture the iconic views, epic boat parties with your TruFam and of course some tequila tasting - all possible on our incredible Latin America Tours. Pack your bags because the trip of the lifetime is waiting for you!


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In the mean time... Check out some personal Tru favourite destinations such as Costa Rica & Mexico!

Location Pin Navy Icon Region
Costa Rica Adventure - 10 Days 01 Aug 2024 01 Aug 2024
U$1,850 U$1,480
View Trip
Mexico Yucatán Experience - 11 Days 11 Aug 2024 11 Aug 2024
U$2,245 U$1,572
View Trip
Costa Rica Adventure - 10 Days 03 Oct 2024 03 Oct 2024
U$1,850 U$1,480
View Trip
Mexico Yucatán Experience - 11 Days 06 Oct 2024 06 Oct 2024
U$2,245 U$1,796
View Trip
Colombia Uncovered - 12 Days 13 Oct 2024 13 Oct 2024
U$2,345 U$1,876
View Trip
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