Laos Explorer XL

Did you know that Laos used to be called Lang Xang which translates to land of a million elephants? No? Well, you do now! Wondering how a landlocked country could have 4,000 islands? Don’t worry you’ll see it to believe it! Laos is a hidden gem of South East Asia, which automatically makes it a must-see, don’t you agree? From the cultural hotspot of Luang Prabang (a UNESCO world heritage site) to Vang Vieng’s blue lagoons, visiting temples and the famous Kuang Si waterfalls! This trip is a bit longer than the Laos Explorer, with an extra four days exploring some of the largest waterfalls in South East Asia, cycling around the 4,000 islands, and kayaking with dolphins. You lucky things! We hope you’re ready for a TRU-ly unforgettable experience off the beaten path.


We’ve perfected the balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties. A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think of a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives. We stay in a variety of different accommodations such as hotels, hostels, homestays, beach huts & even boats. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

What's Included

Airport Pickup
(up to two days before as long as you are booked into the start hotel)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates and one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included Private Van

10 Nights Accommodation Hotel Twin-share Rooms

Kuang Si Waterfall The Living Land rice farming Blue Lagoon Tubing Nam Song River
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Bucket List
Kuang Si Waterfall
Living Land Rice
Blue Lagoon Visit
4000 Islands Dolphins
Tubing Nam Song River

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11
Day 1

Airport Pick Up

Laos baby! Welcome to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO world heritage site and a town that will charm your socks off! Once arriving at the airport you’ll soon see your amazing Travel Ninja waiting for you, don’t worry, that does mean guide, but it just sounds a bit cooler! Once you are all settled and the rest of your TruFam have arrived it’s time for your welcome dinner & drinks! You’ll get the chance to chat to your TruFam over a cocktail (or 2, or 3, mocktails included) and test those taste buds with some Laotian dishes. Alexa, play Celebrate by Madonna (because we want good vibes only).

Airport Pick Up
Luang Prabang
Day 2

Temples & Waterfall

Fancy chasing some waterfalls? Even though TLC told us not to, this is an exception because we’re going to the infamous Kuang Si Waterfalls! Firstly though, we will be visiting the Royal Palace Museum, where you’ll learn all about Laos’ royals and history *que Royals by Lorde*! We’ll then head over to the temples, Wat Mai and Wat Xieng Thong and after a cultural morning, it’s waterfall o’clock, the best time of day! Once you’ve had a dip in the waterfall and taken your photo for the gram (you know want to), we will head back for the evening to see the town’s night market, and put your bartering skills to the test! Of course, the most important thing, you’ll get to try lots of delicious local foods, no empty stomachs on this trip!

Luang Prabang
Cultural day & waterfalls
Day 3

Living Land & Mt. Phousi

You know what they say, early birds catch the worm! If you’re one to wake up early you’ll get to see the long-standing tradition of Sai Bat, which translates to morning alms, this is where the locals will offer food to a procession of monks, what a way to start the morning! Once you’ve had your breakfast, most important meal of the day (not to sound like a mum or anything), we head to a local rice farm where we’ll learn about the day to day life of a rice farmer, Asia’s greatest food staple. Rice rice baby! We hope you’re ready for an incredible sunset & view because we’ll be walking up Mt Phousi’s Pagoda this afternoon. Warning: you may become sunset obsessed by It’s your final night in Luang Prabang to enjoy with your TruFam, cheers!

Luang Prabang
Local Rice Farm & Mt. Phousi view
Day 4

Vang Vieng & Blue Lagoon

To the south, we go! Today we’re off to Vang Vieng, which is a small town in the south of Laos and fun fact, is surrounded by limestone mountains and caves! Sick right? Once we have arrived and settled, we’ll take an incredibly scenic drive through the rice fields to the areas ICONIC blue lagoons *que Paradise by Coldplay*. So pack those swimmers, because you will most definitely want to have a dip in the lagoon, I repeat, most definitely. After seeing dreamy lagoon paradise, it’s time to check out what the nightlife is all about in Vang Vieng, hope you’ve practised your dance moves!

Vang Vieng
blue lagoons
Day 5

Caves & Tubing

Remember earlier when we mentioned the limestone mountains and caves? Well, don’t worry if not because you won’t forget exploring a few of the caves, even an underwater one! How? Oh, by tubing of course, what else! It’s time to start your tubing adventure, TruFam assemble! You’ll spend the rest of the afternoon floating down the Nam Song River, retracing the original tubing route that put Laos on the backpacker map! You’ll see that history & adventure go well together!

Vang Vieng
Day 6

Explore Vientiane

This morning is yours to enjoy before we hit the road and make our way to Laos’ capital Vientiane. Here’s another fun fact for ya, Vientiane is the largest city of Laos and is on the banks of the Mekong River, next to the borders of Thailand! Make sure you don’t fall in because you might be getting out in the wrong country! Get to know Vientiane before exploring one of the local beer shops. You’ll get to experience the local nightlife as well as make some unforgettable memories, have a few beveraginos and enjoy your night in the capital! That sounds like a 10/10 night if you ask us!

Private Van
Local Beer Shop
Day 7

Buddha Park & Temples

Did someone say city tour? You bet we did! Today’s all about Vientiane’s landmarks. You might not believe us but Vientiane has it’s very own Arc De Triomph, although it is called the Patuxai Monument and it is a memorial for those who fought for independence from France. If you want some brownie points from your TruFam, tell them that Patuxai translates to victory gate, your welcome! Next up is the buddha park, which contains over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues, bet you’ve never seen that many statues in one place (If you have then you’re the MVP)! We then head to one of Laos’ most famous Buddhist temples, Pha That Luang, you can marvel at this gold masterpiece for as long as you want, honestly, you can. Well, until it’s time for us to leave!

For the TruTravellers on our 7 Day Laos Explorer this is where we say goodbye! All good things come to an end, but don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! For all you 11 Day Laos Explorers, we’re off to catch the night bus to Pakse! If you haven’t got a funky eye mask, now is the time to invest!

Buddha Park & Temples
Day 8

Waterfalls & Zip Lining

Rise and shine! We arrive in Pakse for 8 am, it’s an early one! Of course, first things first, breakfast! After we’ve had our fill at breakfast, it’s time to head out and explore some waterfalls before zip lining! You’ll have a chance to swim in, not just one but SEVERAL waterfalls! All that swimming got you an appetite? Don’t fret, we got you, it’s time for lunch with a view! Enjoy the stunning view of Tad Yuang Falls! Calling all adventurers, if you’ve ever fancied zip lining over a waterfall then today is that day, where you can indeed zip line over a waterfall (at an extra cost). A once in a lifetime experience for real! On the way back we stop off at mountain-top Buddha for an unforgettable view of the sunset. Cameras at the ready!

Waterfalls, zip lining & sunset views
Day 9

4000 Islands

So we are rounding off our trip in Laos somewhere with not just 1,000 islands or 2,000, BUT with 4,000 islands! Sounds unreal (almost literally)! On the way to the 4,000 islands we stop at Vat Phou, which is an impressive temple that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Angkor style vibes, ya feel? Once we’ve finished pretending to be Indiana Jones, exploring the temple, we continue south and make a pit stop at Khone Phapheng! The largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. From there, only a short ferry ride to the island of Don Det, where the one and only 4,000 islands are!

Don Det
Vat Phou Temple & Waterfalls
Day 10

Kayaking & Dolphins

It’s time to explore the 4,000 islands and the mode of transport will be, kayak! No better way we’d say. During our kayak adventure, we jump onto some bikes and cycle across Don Det and through rice fields to Liphi Falls, a pretty amazing sight! Once done gazing (probably quite dreamily) at the falls, we head back to our kayaks to go make some Irrawaddy dolphin friends! They are a unique Beluga-like dolphin that call Laos their home! Once we are back at the hotel, it’s time for our farewell dinner (sad reacts only) which means we have one night only to dance the night away and finish off the trip in TRU style!

don det
kayaking, cycling, waterfalls & dolphins
Day 11

chilled checkout

Ah, I know, we are sad too. It is time to say goodbye to your TruFam and to Laos! As sad as it is, the memories you’ll be taking home are ones to cherish forever! And hey, you can always just come back.. *wink wink*! On a serious note, if your adventure is continuing, our TruNinjas will be there to help you with your onward travel! Until next time, TruFam and remember don’t quit your daydream!

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Trips Departure Dates




The trip begins in Luang Prabang and ends in Don Det.


You will need to fly into Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ).


The closest airport is Pakse International Airport (PKZ).


It takes 2 and a half-hour to get to the nearest international airport from 4000 islands. We'd advise for you to book your return flight home for the late afternoon to allow plenty of time to get there. The transfer from Don Det to Pakse can cost around $150 for a private van and boat from the 4000 Islands back to Don Det and onto the airport in Pakse, however, if shared will be a lot cheaper. Your group leader will help you arrange this when on tour with us.


The accommodation for this trip is twin share rooms.


The currency in Laos is Laos Kip.

Are there any COVID precautions in place for my trip?

Yes! We’re doing everything we can to make your trip as safe and stress- free as possible. All trips are run with enhanced safety and hygiene protocols advised by the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) & WHO (World Health Organisation) including only working with partners who uphold the same standard and are taking the maximum amount of precautions. From switching to private transport where possible to offering private room upgrades, we’ve got all areas covered to ensure your trip is an amazing one! Click here to read more on our COVID policy.

What happens If I can’t travel due to COVID?

We’re only operating in countries that are open without quarantine and are safe and easy to travel in. That being said if you could no longer travel due to COVID or if something were to arise, we’re offering complete flexibility for our TruTravellers. From free date changes to lifetime deposits. The TruCrew are always here to give you some TLC and to go through your options. Think of us as ya BFF’s, the fun auntie/uncle of the family who loves a drink or your travel guardian angels. Were not fussed.

Is my money protected?

Yep! You will never lose your money. You’re protected. TruTravels is both ABTA and ATOL registered meaning your money is safe. We’re offering free date changes or to keep your deposit on file for as and when you’re ready to travel, 2 months, 2 years or even 20!

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