Philippines East

Not sure what there is to do in the Philippines? Well, step into our office because if aqua blue waters, tropical reefs, quaint seaside towns complete with jaw-dropping architecture, many, many turtles, canyoneering, surfing and having the best week of your life sounds good to you, this 8-Day Philippines East tour is the one for you! Some call us the dream makers, some the gangsters of love, but hey we don't like to blow our own trumpet. Learn to surf the waves of the ocean in Siargao, spend a day canyoneering in Kawasan Falls or experience the phenomenon of the Sardine Run in Moalboal! What more could you need?!

We’ve perfected the balance between culture, adventure, beaches and parties. A high level of inclusions at a low cost. Think of a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Highlights, hotspots & hidden gems are crafted into each itinerary with our own TruExclusives. We stay in a variety of different accommodations such as hotels, hostels, homestays, beach huts & even boats. Maximum adventure, minimum hassle.

What's Included

Airport Pickup
(Up to two days before tour)

Travel Ninja
Your Guide! Like travelling with your best mates & one of them happens to know where they're going!

All Transport Included Private Van Transfers Flight to Siargao flight baggage allowances 20kg

7 Nights Accommodation Hotels Twin-share Rooms Occasional Triple rooms in Siargao

Sardine Run Snorkelling with Turtles Kawasan Waterfalls Canyoning
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Bucket List
Surf in Siargao
Sardine Run
Swim with turtles
Kawasan Falls

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Day 1


Welcome to the Philippines, it's hot, isn't it?! Get ready to meet your group of legends, including your TruNinja! Soon you'll wonder how you explored anywhere without them. We'll pick you up from Cebu airport and bring you to our hotel in Cebu City for the first night of the best week of your life (so far). That evening we'll grab dinner and get to know each other over a Pina Colada or five.

Cebu City
Airport Pick Up
Day 2

Moalboal & Simala Church

Day 2 we're heading for the gorgeous seaside town of Moalboal, (pronounced mole-bowl if you were wondering). We'll visit the stunning Simala Church, this place will undoubtedly end up on your Instagram. It's pretty much one of the most spectacular buildings you'll ever see. It's also a long-standing myth that miracles happen here, so if you're looking for next week's lottery numbers, then you're in the right place. After a walking tour and short history lesson, we continue into Moalboal where the afternoon is ours! Grab an iced coffee, treat your tense self to a traditional Filipino massage or just check out the local town. There are real hidden gems in Moalboal, and our Travel Ninjas know them all!

Simala Church
1x Breakfast, 1x Dinner
Day 3


Rise and shine! We kick off day 3 by hitting the sea. ARGGH MATEY. That's our best pirate impression btw, but don't worry the waterways are full of friendly local fishermen and the odd tourist. Grab your snorkelling gear as we head to one of The Philippines' best snorkelling spots, a rainbow of coloured corals and marine life. Swim amongst the Nemos and Dorys of the ocean and glide alongside some of the island's local turtles. There really is something magical about seeing our hard-shelled green amigos thriving in their natural habitat. *Secretly cries happy tears*. Later in the day, you'll experience something a bit special - The Sardine Run. Hundreds of thousands of sardines swimming simultaneously in a giant school, a spectacle you'd only ever see in a documentary by the legend David Attenborough himself. In the evening, we head out to explore the local nightlife. Practise showing off what you saw in the day through the movement of dance. You know, the classics - BIG FISH, LITTLE FISH, CARDBOARD BOX!

Boat trip, Sardine run & snorkelling
1x Breakfast
Day 4


An early start you'll have no trouble with as we're off to Kawasan Falls. If you haven't felt like the ultimate, cut off from the world, backpacker island babe you are yet then today is THE day. Kawasan Waterfall is on the bucket list of every seasoned traveller. It's iconic. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie who's pure thrill for frills runs through your very veins, parkour 24/7 or if you're on a chilled out, laid back, I'm not jumping off anything sort of vibe. It's cool, we've got you. We can't promise you that you won't be nicknamed Chicken for the rest of the trip, but whatever. Like we said It's cool. Float downstream and get involved in some rock-hopping canyoneering before reaching the falls themselves. Get the go pro ready for this one... Finish the day with a lazy evening to recharge those batteries before moving on to our next destination, Siargao Island - voted the best island in the world in 2019 and Asia's surfing capital!

Waterfalls, canyoneering
1x Breakfast
Day 5

we're off to Siargao!

Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we will shortly be arriving in Siargao! Wahoooo! Today we head back to Cebu airport before catching a short one-hour flight to the island of Siargao. Siargao has some of the world's most beautiful beaches and is known as "The Surfing Capital of Asia". Rumour has it everywhere you walk, people's hands are in the permanent position of a Shaka (the finger and thumb hand signal shake of a surfer), and every sentence starts with DUDE and/or BRO. We arrive early evening and check into our resort which will be home for our final three nights! We enjoy a group dinner together then see where the night takes us. If flying exhausts you more than a 60-minute spin class at the gym, take the evening to chill in our resort, grab a massage and get some shut-eye. However, if you're itching to unpack those Havaianas and dance the night away, LET'S GO! Our Travel Ninjas are with you every step of the way as we head OUT OUT to Siargao's well known lively nightlife. BRO.

Flight to Siargao
1x Breakfast
Day 6

Surfing lessons & beach day

LET'S SURF! We've got the best in the biz here to give you your very own private surf lesson. Our instructors live, breathe and practically invented surfing and will give you all the support you need to have you riding those waves in no time. Whether you've never surfed before or you're practically the next Kelly Slater, you'll enjoy every minute of this day. And what better place to learn than here in Siargao! We spend the afternoon on the beach with your TruFam, catching some rays, guzzling local beer and burying the worst surfer in a 7ft hole in the ground. After a wild day, the evening is ours for the taking. Whether you fancy relaxing in the resort or heading out for another loose one, we'll go with the flow.

Surf Lesson
1x Lunch
Day 7

Siargao Island Hopping

It's our last full day together as travel amigos, comrades, BFFs some may say, or TruFam to us. So let's round off our trip together with arguably the best spot in all of the Philippines. We island-hop, visiting three different islands just off the coast of Siargao. Every beach is more beautiful than the last. Paradise! We snorkel in the crystal clear waters, layout on the white sand beaches and spend the day dreaming of buying our own private island. After squeezing in every last minute of crucial tanning time, we head back before dressing to the nines for a farewell dinner. It's our last night together, pop the champagne, order the dessert, do a shot off the waiters' body if you fancy it. Whatever helps the heartbreak of leaving, we support it. What a week!

Island Hopping
Day 8


Departure day and we're not ready to say goodbye. You've become a part of our TruFam which means you'll forever be a part of us. That's how family works, right? How will we go on without you? We can' let's just say its not Au revoir, it's more Arnie with the "I'll be back".

If you're travelling on further or heading home, our TruNinjas are on hand to help you on your way. Shaka's up, let's hug it out, you bloody legends. And finally…

Hasta La Vista Baby.

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Trips Departure Dates



Where does the trip start & Finish?

The trip begins in Cebu City and ends in Siargao.

Which airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to fly into Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB). Please note that in order to enter the Philippines you need an onward ticket exiting the country within 30 days or you may not be allowed to board your flight and enter the country.

How much is my baggage allowance for the included flight?

All our included flights come with a free 20kg check-in bag. If you have oversize and additional bags to check in you will need to pay for them yourself.

What is the closest airport to the end destination?

Sayak Airport, also known as Siargao Airport, is an airport serving the general area of Siargao Island. From here you can catch internal flights to Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB), or Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila to fly internationally.

How do I get back to the start destination and is this included in the price? If not, how much is it?

You will need to book an internal flight from Siargao to either Cebu or Manila. This can be booked for as little as £35 if you book early.

What kind of accommodation is included on this trip?

Accommodation is twin share or double. Occasionally family style rooms in Siquijor or Siargao, but not often.

How much is a pre night’s accommodation?

A pre night’s accommodation is £40 for a private twin or double room. If you would like to arrange a pre-night please email

What is the currency?

The currency in the Philippines are Philippine Peso (PHP).

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