5 Things to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is definitely one of the cities you need to check out while in Thailand. A little gem in the northern part of the country, this city has loads to offer. But if you drive a bit outside of town, you'll find heaps of activities that will give you memories of a lifetime!

From luscious jungles, crystal clear waterfalls and a fascinating array of wildlife. Here we have our TruBabe and Group Leader, Tina share with us the her top 5 things to do in Chiang Mai...


5 things to do in Chaing Mai - temples


#1. Go to an Elephant Sanctuary

Literally one of the coolest things I've done in my entire life! It's quite well-known now that it's NOT OKAY TO RIDE ELEPHANTS so please guys don't do it! Those poor animals are being chained, mistreated and get to carry our big bums on their back in the heat. Not cool. Instead, go to one of the multiple elephant sanctuaries Chiang Mai has to offer. I highly recommend Johnnyboytreks. Such a beautiful place where they rescue the gentle giants and take good care of them. You get to feed them, bath them in the mud, before washing them in the river. An unforgettable experience!

5 things to do in Chaing Mai


#2. Be a Tarzan and go Zip Lining

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I haven't done it as I'm proper TERRIFIED of heights. But if you are an adrenaline junkie, definitely go for it. You'll get to zip line through Chiang Mai's dense jungle, such a cool experience! So go on, overpass your fear and get out of your comfort zone like never before. Also the perfect opportunity to fill your Instagram with sick pictures too!

5 things to do in Chaing Mai - zip lining


#3. Spend the night in a Karen hill tribe

Oh my gosh, that is amazing and definitely a must do! But be ready : before reaching the village, you'll have to trek for a good 5 hours in the jungle ; the hike is not hard, it's just long and exhausting as it's proper boiling. You can swim in the river on the way there though to cool down a bit, and you'll see some incredible waterfalls too! Johnnyboytreks also operate one of those treks. Don't overpack, just take a small rucksack unless you want to die haha. But believe me (and that comes from a really really unathletic person) it is so worth it. Karen people are so welcoming, such nice individuals, and their kids are the cutest!

5 things to do in Chaing Mai - Hill tribe


#4. Experience Bamboo rafting

You can usually do that on the way back from the jungle trek, the morning after spending the night in the Karen tribe. Get ready to have your bum wet though haha, but this is so much fun. If you have got a decent balance, you can even stand on the bamboo raft. And it's okay if you fall in the water, the river is pretty shallow. Such a peaceful moment to chill after hours and hours of hiking.

5 things to do in Chaing Mai


#5. Take part in a cooking class

To finish of my top 5 things to do in Chiang Mai has to be to take part in a cooking class. The best place in the whole country to do a cooking course. You'll get to cook traditional Thai dishes such as Tom Yam soup with shrimps, the famous Pad Thai, a yummy Panang curry and some sticky rice. You'll also learn how to set a wok on fire : so impressive but really fun!

5 things to do in Chaing Mai

So there you have it. A little taster into the beauty of Chaing Mai! If you are heading out to Thailand and think your ready to conquer all of these activities come and check out our 14 Day Northern Thailand Adventure today. Or if you would like to do the North & South of Thailand we got ya back... Check out our 21 Day Northern Thailand and Beaches trip too!

Words by Tina