It’s almost December and that means it’s time to start gathering ideas for gifts and stockings. We are aware that Christmas shouldn’t be about mindless buying and receiving stuff you’ll never use. That’s why as former travellers ourselves we have come up with the ultimate wishlist for you to send to your loved ones and even use as inspiration when you are buying for others!



First up is an AirTag (or similar products) the easiest way to get peace of mind when you are travelling. All you have to do is connect it to your phone and leave it in whatever prized possession you want to keep track of. Personally, I put it in my rucksack and it was so great to be able to know where it was at all times. From jumping on ferries, boats and planes there are lots of times travelling when you lose track of your bag when it’s in storage and being reassured that your stuff is travelling along with you makes each journey easier. The battery life also lasts up to a year so you won’t have to charge or change the battery during your travels - unless you are off on an even longer trip, and if so, lucky lucky you! An Airtag is such a good idea for a stocking filler, or an extra present to pop under the tree. It’s not just for travelling either - at work I have it in my bag and I have friends that have it on their dog’s collar too - so versatile and a present that is perfect for so many!



Next is an essential for everyone and even the planet too! A filtered water bottle is a must-have for when you travel around the world. Take this with you and you won't have to worry as much about the water quality on your travels. If you take into consideration that you might spend up to £3 a day on water that is going to rack up on a trip and the plastic bottles will too! At Tru we are also trying to increase the amount of water coolers that are available at each of our hotels and hostels on our tours. This is a great gift for a stocking filler or secret santa. We won’t point you towards one specific bottle because let's be honest we could be here all day listing the best and putting them up against each other. But whether you want a fruity, plain or vitamin infused filter there will be one on the market that suits your needs!



We have all been in the midst of packing for a trip and experienced the moment where you feel that there is no way you could possibly fit all of your stuff in your bag…that is where these unsung heroes come in! Packing Cubes!!! These fabric gods allow you to organise your clothes and squeeze more into your bag. You simply fill them up and zip them and it magically gets smaller. With packing cubes it is super important to invest in some decent ones and you don’t want to be left high and dry if the zip of your cube breaks. Spending more will allow you to get more in and be more confident that the packing cubes will last your whole trip and not just to the airport.



All Hail the uniqlo bum bag. The travel must-have of 2023. This simple product has taken the travelling world by storm and there’s a reason for it…they are so bloody useful! For just £15 you have a bag to hold all your possessions and even a water bottle too - even a filtered one ;-). This is such an ideal gift for any go-to traveller and there’s even an opportunity to personalise your bag in the flagship stores in London and Manchester. They come in great colours - although black is the best for matching with everything and hiding all the inevitable stains you’ll collect on the way! It's the perfect travel buddy for when you are at the airport and want to keep your essentials close to you at all times. The perfect stocking filler and you can never have enough of them - i'm slowly building my collection of colours! (Check out the TruCrew on our weekend trip to Dublin - we LOVE a good uniqlo bumbag at TruHQ!



So there we go, there is some food for thought for when you are christmas shopping for your travel-mad loved one this year! These gifts won’t break the bank but will make the whole world of difference when travelling! Keep your eyes peeled for our second edition for slightly more pricey gifts that are essential for travellers everywhere, whether they are off on a quick weekend break or a longer trip. Happy shopping!



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