How to maximise your PTO in the US for 2024!


We know holidays are important! It's crucial to switch off and really take time for yourself. Whether you want to spend your holidays with friends, family or on an adventure of a lifetime around the world this is the guide for 2024 to maximise your holiday time and get the longest time off as possible in 2024.


One of the first steps in maximising your holiday time is to sync your personal calendar with the list of public holidays. Identify holidays that fall on or near weekends, creating potential long weekends for extended breaks. This way, you can enjoy a more extended vacation without sacrificing too many vacation days.


Here is a list of US Bank Holidays for 2024 and also some options for ways you could use your PTO in the best way!



If you wanted to take a last minute trip away and start 2024 off on a major high you could head off on the 1st of Jan, take 2nd-5th and 8th-12th off and then you will have gained a 15 day holiday (from 1st-15th January) and only use 9 days of holiday!


This is only one example of how to use the public holidays to maximise your time off but it can be used time and time again across the year. Also it is worth noting that we understand everyone's jobs are completely different and some people don't have the standard weekends off every week.

So there you go! Hopefully that is a quick reminder that you should never feel restricted by your allocated time off and actually you can be clever with the dates you use to maximise holiday time and or course double the amount of cocktails you have time to consume!!!


Happy Holidays!






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