Some of our team headed out to Sri Lanka back in March to check out one of our newest tours - Sri Lanka Uncovered. So we thought we would share with you some of their favourite moments...


Sri Lanka has been on my bucket list for a very long time and this year I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful country. This is my third TruTravels tour and I felt like this tour is definitely for the more experienced traveler who is looking for culture. It's a jam packed tour with a lot of early rises and I'm very much not a morning person haha. The walk up Sigiriya rock was the activity I wasn't sure I would enjoy but it actually turned out to be my favourite day of the whole trip. The hike up isn't as scary as it looks and the views are totally worth it!


Having spent the past 3 years exploring Southeast Asia as a solo traveller, I’d met numerous backpackers with similar personalities to myself that raved about the amazing cuisine and mind blowing views they experienced in Sri Lanka. Being a major foodie and a huge fan of landscape scenery, I was buzzing when I finally stepped foot off the plane! A local guy sat next to me explained that the soil here is very rich and produces some of the best herbs & spices in the world because the equator is so near. Now I was really ready to immerse myself in the culture and traditions of this diverse island. Within days of arriving I had tried and devoured so many local dishes - the Nasi Goreng was up there at the top of my list! So spicy, so tasty and definitely made with a hint of love. The others were right too, the mountain views are unreal! I haven’t trekked up so many viewpoints in my life...legs day has never been so frequent, but hey, why travel if you’re not up for the adventure that comes with it??? I absolutely love engaging with the locals of any country I visit and the Sri Lankans I spoke to were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It was as though nothing ever seemed worthy of losing their smile. I guess that’s what happens when you have multi-races, religions and cultures living together in harmony.Over the course of my 4 weeks in this intriguing country, I found myself in awe of the incredible landscape and untouched beaches that the locals still enjoy freely. I started to ask myself that question every traveller asks themselves… could I live here? I could definitely live here but Sri Lanka may need to win an arm wrestle with Thailand if that’s to happen anytime soon ;)


There is only one word to describe my entire trip to Sri Lanka. Unreal. Before going, I really didn’t know much about the country, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the more we explored, the more I realized how much it has to offer. Each place we went had opportunities to explore nature and appreciate the beauty of the land. My absolute favourite part of the trip was when we were welcomed into a local village for lunch. As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed into the village with a cooking demonstration and a buffet of food that was all made with ingredients grown in the surrounding land. Also, as seen in the photo below, the train ride was an obvious highlight. The views from that journey were incredible. I would 100 percent recommend anyone I know to visit Sri Lanka.


If you've ever been lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka, then you'll know just how diverse and beautiful the country is. For me, climbing Sigiriya rock and taking in the breathtaking views, trekking through the mountains of Little Adam's peak, visiting pretty tea plantations, safari's and travelling on a little blue train through the country side are moments that I'll never forget. I got to experience so much in a short amount of time and do things I would never try on my own, whilst also learning about the history, the culture and trying the most amazing local cuisine (they have red pineapples!) Sri Lanka, you've stolen my heart!


Sri Lanka quite honestly exceeded all my expectations! The landscape here is incredible and were some of the best views I have seen in Asia. Personally Ella was my favourite place and hiking up to the top of Little Adams Peak. I am not usually one to enjoy a big old hike but somehow it felt easier with such epic views to take your mind off it on the way up. I would 100% go back and do it all over again!


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