Stay Fit At Home During Lockdown!

Staying fit while gyms are closed? Yes, it is possible!! Although it can seem difficult trying to work out what to do, there are many ways we can motivate each other to keep active and exercise at home. We’ve worked with Força Fuel to put together some easy home workouts/challenges/tips for you to stay fit while having fun. The exercises are suitable for any ages and all abilities, and can even be used on your travels once this is all over - so there is no excuse not to get involved! ;)


A message from Philip from Força Fuel: "Unlike most home workouts that are popping up over Instagram, this workout isn’t just a bunch of random exercises thrown together to make you tired.⁣ ⁣ Even home workouts should have a logical thought process behind them, to provide a training stimulus. So we put these workouts, challenges & tips together to help you keep fit while at home or on your travels in the future."



Body weight cardio circuit - graphic showing man doing different exercises

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced push yourself to the limit, get your sweat on and try on as many circuits as you can!



Home circuit graphic - man performing exercises

Either add this circuit after the bodyweight circuit or do it on its own and you will burn a s*** load of calories! Don't worry, if you don't have any weights get creative with bits you have around your house such as wine bottles (if they're not empty), cans or heavy bags!



Challenge - 30 day squat challenge with days of the month and man doing squat

Girls and guys, get your summer booty ready!! Take on this challenge and by the time we can all hang out on a beach you'll have a perky peachy bum feeling better than ever!! Get your friends involved and help motivate each other along the way.



30 day plank challenge with time against each day of month


While you are taking on one challenge you might as well take on two, right? ;) Tone up those abs and try out this 30-day plank challenge!



Walking for exercise? Here's a 5k plan writing with 4 weeks showing how much walking to do

If circuits and home workouts aren't your thing, but you still want to get fit at home, try out our 5K walking plan and you will be amazed at how fit you'll be by the end. Walking is often underrated but it is actually a really good way to burn fat and tone your body!


How to run correctly words with feet and man showing the best way to run


Many people are getting into running while the gyms are closed which is amazing but it's also super important to make sure you're running correctly. Take some time to read over this image and you will find as you learn to run correctly you will have more balance, tension and stress reduction in your feet allowing you to run even better without causing any pain.


Exercising is not only good for you physically but helps your mental wellbeing while staying at home. So go and encourage your friends to get involved and together we can help each other keep active while the gyms are shut!


If you're after any more fitness-related content or awesome supplements to help you keep in shape check out Força Fuel for everything you need and give him a follow on Insta!










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