Adapt and overcome! Everybody has been dealing with this downtime differently, but what soon became apparent is that our Tru Crew don't just quit on their daydreams and pretend like those perfect travel moments haven't been possible lately. They were determined to keep the dream alive, to keep that fire burning (granted some did a better job than others - we're looking at you Phoebe) and experience travel, without travel. Here's the best of our Backpackers of Lockdown including a couple of frontline heroes...

Ryan, 32, Lockdown Location: Manchester, England


Inherently fond of all things fluffy, Ryan found his calling and one true love when he first met a llama while backpacking in Peru in July 2019. Since Peru closed its borders and Ryan’s 2020 return trip was postponed, he’s been terrorizing the neighbourhood dogs, taking selfies and desperately trying to fill the empty void that was created when he bid farewell to his “famillama” in Peru last year

Ryan recently had a brush with local authorities after shaving his neighbour Karen's poodle to look like an Alpaca for his “Alpaca My Bags & Go” summer selfie series.

Czar & Zoe, Lockdown Location: Cambridge, England

Czar and Zoe have had to swap surfing for sweaty PPE, absolute heroes

Czar and Zoe were lucky enough to squeeze in a holiday to the Philippines before COVID struck. They then went into full hero-mode helping save lives in the UK! Not all heroes ride surfboards, but these two do! We can't wait to have them back on tour with us - they're definitely going to need a holiday after this!


Phoebe, 22, Lockdown location: Crack Alley, England

Phoebe has swapped the pristine beaches of Bali, for the less pristine dirt of Crack Alley

Known to spend 90% of her travels tanning on the beach, Phoebe was voted “Most Likely to look like a leather bag by age 30” in college. SPF 50? Won’t touch the stuff. Oil over everything. Permanently living in a bikini is hard when you’re no longer a stone’s throw away from the beach. Phoebe has continued to catch rays on lockdown by laying out in the questionable alley found outside her basement window. When asked where she would be traveling next, her reply was “Wherever there is sun.”

We love a person who knows what they want. Be like Phoebe. Don’t Quit your Daydream!


Mark, 34. Lockdown Location: Addlestone, England

Normally to be found on idyllic islands around the world, Mark has had to settle for a paddling pool in Addlestone, for now

Lockdown life has been f*cking with our flow for months, for none more so than Tru-est of TruTravellers, Mark. Typically to be found on some far-flung idyllic island, hunting down the next big destination for us to bring to you, Mark (bless him) has been trying to create an itinerary for 200 yards around his hometown of Addlestone.

As always, the trip includes some Tru Exclusives including a PS4 battle against your host on FIFA where he proudly plays at a Semi-Pro (the second shittest) level, an excursion across the road for a hopeful glimpse of an exotic chicken (we're skeptical about the existence of this chicken dubbed, the Cluck Ness Monster), and finished off with an epic pool party, max occupancy of 1, in his back garden.

Tour prices start and finish at £1.40. Pop an email to if this sounds up your street! A Tru travel addict and entrepreneur, we're with you Mark. Don't quit your daydream.


Dom, 21, Lockdown Location: Milton Keynes, England.

From Ubud, to Milton Keynes and just as happy. You've got to respect that

Everyone’s favourite diva - this boy cannot get enough of a basic bitch Bali swing. After his July trip to Bali was postponed to 2021, his Instagram feed has taken a dark turn and his desperation for the perfect #wanderlust photo has become more obvious than ever. Yesterday, he was spotted at Milton Keynes recreational grounds hogging the swings and desperately trying to ensure his Instagram survives this pandemic, even if he doesn’t.


Ollie, 25, Lockdown location: Indonesia

Ollie's luscious looks will not be denied the focus of a camera, even if it isn't on a beach

Popular hair product influencer Tru Ollie was in Indonesia filming a “Frizz-free” shampoo commercial when COVID struck, jeopardizing his promising career and consequently his travel plans. Fortunately, the stay at home order has resulted in an increase in personal hygiene worldwide, and Ollie has been able to continue his modelling career from the safe comforts of his villa.

When asked where he’s dreaming of travelling post-lockdown, he answered: “I’m going straight to Cairns, Australia to that waterfall where they filmed the music video for Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre. I’ve got big things coming. I don’t want to spoil it.”




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