Give The Gift Of Travel this Holiday Season


It’s that time of year again, CHRISTMAS! After the year we’ve had we’re all ready for a good few days and as Buddy the Elf once said ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’ So here we are singing to you! Positive vibes only.


So here we are racking our brains scrolling aimlessly through amazon wondering what is a good christmas present to get someone? We’ve spent most of the year sat in our houses, taking a tour of the garden, walking back and forth to the kitchen and watched more daytime TV than we hope to ever watch again. We’ve quickly realised we value experiences over physical gifts, the thrill of getting on a plane and arriving into a new destination over waiting for that next ASOS delivery of things you probably don’t need.

 It’s addictive, but want to know what else is addictive? The feeling of walking along the beach barefoot, the sounds of the ocean as you lay out getting super crispy burnt, or winding down with a drink as you watch the sunset. If 2020 has made you realise anything, it’s experiences and memories that will last you a lifetime not materialistic gifts.



Christmas shopping can be stressful, one of the most googled searches in December is ‘What should I get my girlfriend for christmas?’ We’re here to help. Gift her a voucher towards her bucket list trip to Bali! Plus it’s just an excuse to treat yourself to a trip so Bali too…so, win win right? When you give the gift of travel, you’re not only gifting a loved one an amazing present, you’re giving the gift to everyone. From our communities, our staff, to the locals in the destination you’ll visit. Your gift goes world wide and that kind of makes you a big deal in the present giving game ya know.

If you’re even wondering what should I buy myself for Christmas? Well.. self love is the best love, treat yourself to a voucher of the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. We’ve got a lot of travelling to do to make up for 2020 and it’s been a hard year. We’re here to tell ya, you deserve it.

Give the gift of travel.

Give the memories of a lifetime.

Give the ultimate ground breaking, life changing experience..



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